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The 15 Best Sofa Brands You Need to Know About

Unlock the top 15 sofa brands, catering from budget-friendly to lavish options, in this comprehensive guide.

For many people, a comfortable and trendy sofa is the key element of the living room. It is a focal point for the decor while giving a lounging space. With several designs available for the buyers, they may choose from loungers, sectionals, and chaises. When it comes to selling sofas, dealers and wholesalers in the furniture industry must be aware of the available sofa brands. This may help in meeting diverse customer preferences and market demands.

Due to trending designs and demand for classic pieces, making an informed choice about which sofas to stock may be challenging. From chic, budget-friendly designs to luxury pieces, the right selection can significantly impact customer satisfaction and business success.

We’ll explore the best sofa brand options, from affordable to luxurious designs. Each of the designs will entice your customers and give you a variety of options to choose from. We have carefully picked the best sofa brands to help you choose the right one for your catalog. With these sofa brands, your inventory will have sofas that meet aesthetic and functional requirements and promise durability and comfort to your clients.

1. Considerations for Choosing the Best Sofa Brand Options

Investing in high-quality sofas from top sofa brands is important for any living space. We’ll discuss the major considerations for picking the best brands for different customer tastes.

1.1 Designs

Look for sofa brands with designs that are contemporary, minimalistic, classic, and ornate. See if they have traditional and trendy designs so you can cater to different clients and businesses. Pick a brand or two with design options catering to different aesthetic preferences and interior design themes. This will make your catalog perfect for ensuring you have something for every customer.

1.2 Customization

Many famous sofa brands allow for personalization in fabric, color, size, and configuration to better meet customers’ specific needs. Choose a brand with ample flexibility to ensure each sofa fits perfectly within the customer’s space and style preferences. This will make your catalog a hit among the buyers. They will have certain control over the customization.

1.3 Experience

The experience a brand offers goes beyond the product itself. You must check reviews and testimonials to find the best places to buy sofas. Also, the product samples should be seen to see if they match the experience. Choose a business that holds a reputation for excellent customer service, reliable delivery, and hassle-free returns. You should have a reliable wholesaler who will send the items within the stipulated time. Moreover, they will also be offering timely updates and exchange/repair services if needed.

1.4 Budget

Some buyers may look for high-end designer sofas, whereas others may look for functional budget buys. You have to cater to all customers looking for affordable options with high-quality materials. In addition, offers high-end luxury custom designer sofas to the customers.

The diversity in the budget will cater to a broader market, taking care of budget-conscious buyers and those aiming to invest in premium pieces. Remember that balancing quality and cost is essential to meet varying financial constraints without compromising style and durability.

1.5 Technology

Adding automated manufacturing and modern technology into sofas can enhance comfort and functionality. Moreover, you can cater to customers looking for built-in charging ports, easy, clean fabric, and adjustable seating. Some clients may look for sectionals arranged in many ways; hence, go for the best sofa brand options.

1.6 Sustainability

Many customers look at environmentally friendly brands offering carbon-neutral packaging and manufacturing. Some companies may use recycled wood and fabric to make the sofa. Opt for brands prioritizing eco-friendly practices, such as using sustainable materials and reducing waste.

Moreover, their work culture practices involve ethical manufacturing processes. Partnering with such brands, your catalog will have sofa options that appeal to environmentally conscious customers and position your business as a responsible and forward-thinking entity.

2. 15 Popular Sofa Brands for Your Business Catalog

When it comes to your business catalog, choosing the perfect sofa brands is key. Offering a variety of designs, prices, and features ensures you cater to every customer’s needs. We’ll talk about 15 popular brands you may choose for your customers.

Sofa manufacturer

First, we’ll discuss briefly who makes the best quality sofas and the best features of these brands:

Best Sofa Brand Features


  • 175 comfortable fabrics
  • 60-day free trial


  • Made-to-order premium wholesale furniture
  • Branding on sofas available


  • OEM and ODM customized services
  • Contemporary custom sofa designs


  • 32 auto-production lines
  • Professional hotel quality furniture

Interior Define

  • Sleeper sofas
  • Custom leg configuration

Wayfair Custom Upholstery

  • Custom upholstery
  • Fabric swatch samples


  • Minimal sofa designs
  • Support reforestation


  • Unique no-tool latching mechanism
  • High performance fabric and foam

Medley Home

  • 30-day trial period
  • Solid wood frames

Home Reserve Sofa

  • Machine washable covers
  • Pet and child-safe
  • Renewable pieces

Sabai Sofa

  • Sofas with back and neck support
  • Recycled materials


  • Sustainable birch plywood and cold-rolled steel material
  • Non-toxic, safe manufacturing practices


  • Unique design and shape sofas
  • Rustic and Bohemian designs

7th Avenue

  • Stain- and water-repellent fabrics
  • Removable washable covers


  • Built-in USB sofas
  • Easy to transfer unassembled sofas

2.1 Lovesac


Our top picks: 1. 5 Sides Sactional Beachwood Rained Chenille $3,307.50

Sofa manufacturer

2. 2 Seats 4 Sides Vintage Blue Rained Chenille $1,890.00

Sofa manufacturer

Lovesac is known for its customizable sofas, which have unique elements. Their custom modular sofa designs are present in online showrooms and offline catalogs. All the modular sofas are customizable with 175 comfortable fabrics like leather and boucle. The wide range of fabrics will allow you to offer different customizations to clients.

Moreover, each piece comes with a 60-day free trial, and you can get it shipped for free. You may choose from a vintage blue-rained chenille, a love seat couch sofa, and a 5-sided sectional beachwood sofa. Besides, mix and match the designs using Lovesac manufacturers of couches for a larger setup if you’re interior designing for a customer.

The sectional sofas will give your catalog an edge for the customers as they may arrange the pieces differently. Another great feature about Lovesac is that they use recycled plastic bottles.

2.2 Sofaways

Sofa manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Sofa Couches Enquire for price

Sofa manufacturer

2. Wholesale Sectional SofasEnquire for price

Sofa manufacturer

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Sofaways has premium quality sofas. They offer wholesale OEM, OBM, and ODM services to the customers. Their products include chaises, recliners, sleepers, sofa beds, and sectional sofas. So, you can customize several designs to cater to clients.

When you partner with Sofaways, you’ll receive expert advice regarding the designs and suggestions to enhance the collection more. Choose from different types of leather, PU, velvet, and fabric materials. They can cater to larger orders with a 50,000-square-foot furniture warehouse to develop and manufacture the products.

Moreover, with their custom branding over the sofas, they can add your brand name to the products so you can create a cohesive catalog. Each piece is sent safely packed so you can be assured of the quality and safe deliveries on time.


Sofa manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Leather Chesterfield Sofas for Living Room Enquire for price

Sofa manufacturer
Sofa manufacturer

SUNSGOODS has stood out as a trusted brand since 1991 and is among the best leather sofa brands. They have decades of experience and are reliable for their technical skills in making high-quality furniture. They offer OEM and ODM customized services to meet diverse wholesale client needs. Expect top-tier products from this direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, ranging from sofas, recliners, sleepers, and sofa beds. Besides, they also have custom dinner tables and chairs to add to your catalog.

What sets SUNSGOODS apart is their dedication to providing design and OEM solutions services. Once you reach out to the brand, their expert team will assist in selecting from classic, contemporary, and custom design options. It will ensure a tailored approach to meet your individual preferences. Whether looking for the latest sofa trends or basic designs, SUNSGOODS can cater to all.

2.4 Diousto

sofa furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Office sofa sets Enquire for price

Sofa manufacturer

2. Sleek rose gold and black sofa Enquire for price

Sofa manufacturer

Diousto is among the top durable and stylish furniture providers for the hotel and resort industry. If you’re a furniture supplier or interior designer, Diousto will make custom sofas for your company. Right from the chosen fabrics to branding, you will get the sofas in premium condition.

They have 32 auto-production lines to fulfill bulk orders for larger hotel chains and resorts. Their major goal is to serve businesses with high-quality sofas, delivered on time. You may request a few samples before to see the quality of the products.

Connect with their experts to discuss furniture products, aesthetics, and materials. Besides, search their online inspiration catalog to get ideas for villas, hotels, and resort designs.

2.5 Interior Define

sofa Furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Sloan Fabric 2-Seat Sofa $1316

Sofa manufacturer

2. Simon 2-Seat Sofa $1436

Sofa manufacturer

After a successful online shop in 2014, Interior Define has over 15 studios to cater to the customers. Their collection comprises sleeper sofas, modular sofas, and loveseats in custom designs. Choose Interior Define experts if you want to add different color fabrics, finishes, and designs to your collection.

Not only appearance, but you can also customize the length of the sofa, leg configuration, and cushion fillers to deliver the best to your end consumers. Some of the best-selling designs are Maxwell Sectional Sofas and Sloan Fabric 2-3 seaters. All the designs are easy to alter to create a custom catalog for your brand.

2.6 Wayfair Custom Upholstery

sofa furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Blemke 78.7” Upholstered Sofa Chaise $379.99

Sofa manufacturer

2. Paschall 57” Corduroy Loveseat $169.99

Sofa manufacturer

Wayfair is a global e-commerce company that specializes in furniture and home goods. It offers custom sofas tailored to your brand preferences. Choose from their extensive collection featuring sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and sleepers in different sizes and designs. There are several available fabric and leather coverings. To ensure the quality and colors, you may ask for free swatches to make a better decision.

With Wayfair’s custom upholstery, you will have ample flexibility for your customers to choose from various furniture styles aligning with their unique decor preferences. What’s best is that the brand offers affordable customizations for consumers so everyone can get the furniture of their choice.

2.7 Joybird

Sofa manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Briar Sleeper Sofa $2,087

Sofa manufacturer

2. Holt Armless U-Sofa Sectional $3,907

Sofa manufacturer

Joybird offers a diverse midcentury range of sofas, whether you want the best leather couch or a twin sleeper sectional for your business catalog. Joybird is also known for its daybeds and best sleeping sofas for a relaxing lounging experience. They have all the modern designs that have a contemporary feel. Their furniture is the definition of clean lines and vibrant colors.

The sleek look is ideal to recommend to clients who want a trendy, minimal home. You may also get neutral colors for your shops and interior design products to ensure you have something for each customer. Moreover, Joybird furniture pieces are easy to maintain as skilled craftsmen construct them. Joybird also caters to environmental causes by only using sustainability-sourced materials. They also have ties with One Tree Planted to contribute to reforestation.

2.8 Allform

Sofa manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. 3-Seat Sofa $1,895

Sofa manufacturer

2. 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise $3745

Sofa manufacturer

Allform has the most comfortable modular sofas and is among the best sofa brand options. You may order custom pieces for sectionals, loveseats, armchairs, and sleeper sofas. Their sectionals have a unique latching mechanism that ensures comfort and durability. This patent pending latching mechanism makes furniture assembly and rearrangement easy and tool-free. The customers will feel confident rearranging their space with Allform sectionals and modular couches.

Moreover, the special fabric they use is high-performance against staining and pilling. Hence ensuring long-term use without any replacement. You can add designs in 3-seater sofas, couches with chaises, and modular sectionals with various features. If you interior design a client’s home, you may assure them with a 100-day trial period if they wish to test the comfortability of the sofas.

2.9 Medley Home

Medley Home

Our top picks: 1. Lala Sofa price $2,250

Sofa manufacturer

2. Zavis Sofa in Latex + Wool price $3,055

Sofa manufacturer

Medley Home is the right choice if your clients are searching for good sofa brands that are also eco-friendly. They use non-toxic, eco-friendly materials that are certified to be safe. Moreover, the frames and legs of the sofas are crafted using sustainably sourced solid wood. The premium quality of the wood makes the furniture long-lasting.

The 30-day trial period is a plus when doing the interiors of a hotel, resort, or office space. They may test out the furniture and give you reviews. It may also help you get more recommendations for your work. Connect with them to create made-to-order pieces for your clients and deliver the best to your customers. With your furniture design expertise and buyer’s vision, contemporary functional sofas will be a hit.

2.10 Home Reserve Sofa

Home Reserve Sofa

Our top picks: 1. Deep Seat Tux Sectional $2,169

Sofa manufacturer

2. Ray Sofa $1,138

Sofa manufacturer

With carbon-neutral shipping, Home Reserve Sofa is among the best sofa manufacturers. They use stain-resistant and durable fabrics. The sofas come with covers that are washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Your clients will be stress-free knowing the furniture’s fabric is pet and child-safe.

Moreover, each piece is renewable to ensure the least environmental impact. The brand will replace cushions, fabric, and foam when needed. Not only this but there is also a 30-day risk-free trial. Adding Home Reserve Sofa to your catalog will make customers confident in your collection.

2.11 Sabai Sofa

Sabai Sofa

Our top picks: 1. THE ELEVATE SOFA $2,695.00

Sofa manufacturer


Sofa manufacturer

Sabai sofa brand has a wide variety of products, including custom sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and ottomans, per your catalog requirements. Their collections are available in vibrant colors using upcycled poly and recycled velvet materials. Wood options include dark wood and light wood. Apart from this, you may also design your collection with black metal.

If your customers are looking for trendy sofas for apartments that do not take up too much space, then Sabai Sofas are ideal for compact apartments.

2.12 Floyd

sofa furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Sink Sectional Starting at $2,061.50

Sofa manufacturer

2. Magna Preconfigured Sectionals Starting at $5,460

Sofa manufacturer

Floyd is popular for its non-toxic manufacturing materials, which create preconfigured sectionals and sink-down sofas. Their idea of building furniture is about considering current needs and future sustainability.

Besides, their simple custom sofa range ensures buyers get the best modular furniture for their home and office space. For longevity, they use materials such as stain-resistant fabrics, birch plywood, and cold-rolled steel.

2.13 Anthropologie

sofa furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Leonelle Box-Pleated Sofa $4,298.00

Sofa manufacturer

2. Gwen Sofa $3,298.00

Sofa manufacturer

Anthropologie is renowned for its distinctive modern, Bohemian, and rustic sofas blend. While their products come at a premium price, many consumers are thrilled to order for the strong design elements and quality. Anthropologie’s sofas have unique features such as a mix of fabrics, particular shapes, and vibrant colors and patterns.

One such popular choice is the Jylin Woven Athena Sleeper Sofa. These sofas can work as the centerpiece of a living room. Along with comfort, Anthropologie keeps in mind the aesthetics of the space. Having these designs in your catalog is a must for interior design projects.

2.14 7th Avenue

7th Avenue

Our top picks: 1. 3-Seat Modular Lounger Sofa $2,700.00

Sofa manufacturer

2. 2-Seat Modular Lounger Loveseat $1,800.00

Sofa manufacturer

7th Avenue sofas can be added to your catalog directly from its website, or you may check out their showrooms. The brand offers modular designs that have water and stain-repellent fabrics. These modular sofas may be arranged in different layouts.

Each furniture piece is made using sustainably sourced non-toxic and long-lasting materials. The removable fabric covers make it easy to clean the sofas as needed.

2.15 Burrow

sofa furniture manufacturer

Our top picks: 1. Nomad Collection $1359 + Free Shipping

Sofa manufacturer

2. Mambo 4-Piece Sectional Lounger​ Collection $2559 + Free Shipping

Burrow offers a sleek and contemporary sofa with luxurious features. Their sleek sofas are packed and marketed as couch-in-a-box, making assembly easy.  With modern USB integration, stain-resistant fabrics, and lumbar support, Burrow sofas are a hit.

Their pieces are customizable, delivering high-quality features without breaking the bank. Besides, the anti-scratch feature of the material is great if your customers have pets and kids at home. You may order large sectionals as well as single-seat sofas for your catalog.

3. Wrapping Up

Picking the right sofa brand is crucial for your business as it dictates the client base and reviews. Your brand will become more popular with a wide selection of customizable sofas. Serving your customers sofas that blend into the interior will make them trust your brand more and make them willing to work even for future projects.

Having the best sofa brand wholesalers by your side is essential for the furniture business so that you can assure the customers of the quality while catering to the demands. You may also offer exceptionally affordable furniture by choosing wholesale manufacturers. Make sure you ask questions and see samples before ordering in bulk.

Ask questions about deliveries and carbon emissions during deliveries. Ensure that the final product reaches you safely to be delivered to the customers. Also, prioritize prompt wholesalers in customer service and offer replacements for damaged and defective goods.

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