A Guide to Outdoor Chaise Designs for Comfort and Durability

Discover durable, comfortable outdoor chaise designs. Perfect for lounging in style and luxury under the sun.

Are you planning to put some chaise chairs on the outside? You know they are a great choice for comfort, but with so many alternatives on the market, it can confuse you.

We all know chaise chairs are good outdoor furniture, and assembling them is very easy. They provide benefits apart from bringing aesthetic value to the space. You can relax anytime you want and enjoy your coffee break.

However, it can be quite a task to pick between so many material options, color choices, designs, and more.

That is why we are here with this guide to help you narrow down your options. Are you really prepared to buy one outdoor patio chaise? We know you have a lot of questions, and you must be wondering where you should begin once you are ready to buy.

Keep reading this guide to know all the things you should consider to get a comfortable and durable outdoor chaise.  

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The Basics of Outdoor Chaise

First of all, you have to understand what a chaise lounge is. It is basically a long, reclinable (optional) chair. Something similar to a combination of a lounge chair and an ottoman. So, why not enjoy the cool breeze while the sun is setting?

Features of a chaise are:

  • You can adjust the backseat as per your need. You can either lay completely flat or sit at different angles.
  • It can have arms or go armless.
  • You are lucky because double chaise lounges are also an option now.
  • You can pick whatever frame or seat material you want.

Why Should You Invest in an Outdoor Chaise?

outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

If you are someone who likes to be in touch with the trees and sun, here are the top three reasons you should get an outdoor chaise.

  • Spending quality time outside, in the fresh open air, is good both for your physique and mental health. And accompanying that with comfortable furniture only means the cherry on top of everything.
  • It’s a great way to spend some time with co-workers. Everyone can lighten up and stretch on the spacious chaise chairs.
  • High-quality outdoor furniture will last for a long time, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the space and saving temporary costs.

Now that you know the reasons, here are the different types of best outdoor chaises  in the market.

Types of Outdoor Lounge Chairs

There are many brands that offer high-value outdoor chaises. Here are some types to look at, and one of them may be a suitable option for your place.

outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Sling Lounge Chairs

Design features Aesthetic appeal Advantages
Frame with suspended fabric or mesh
Quick drying fabric
Lightweight and breathable design
Contemporary and simple
Easy to move around
Ideal for poolside or warm climates
Good functionality
Good for water-prone sites

Chaise Lounge Chairs

Design features Aesthetic appeal Advantages
Adjustable reclining features
Versatile seating positions
Long, narrow design to support full-body
Good for sunbathing
Often comes with cushions for more comfort
Good for contemporary space
Can be used for reading and working purposes

Adirondack Chairs

Design features Aesthetic appeal Advantages
It has a slanted seat and backrest
Rustic and classic design
Comfortable seating posture
Wide armrests for more comfort
Perfect for a traditional outdoor setting
Durable material
Made from wood. But it can be made with plastic and metal too.
Good for lying back
Suitable for different weather conditions

Egg Chairs

Design features Aesthetic appeal Advantages
Cocoon-like shape for a cozy, enclosed feeling
Private and comfortable seating experience
Often suspended or placed on a stand
Unique focal point in the outdoor space
Touch of luxury
Stylish and futuristic design
Surpass quality
Sophisticated product
outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Importance of Comfort and Durability in Outdoor Chaise Design

It is not wrong to choose comfort over everything else when buying an outdoor chaise. A comfortable deck chaise lounge will make your experience better and relax you after a long, tiring day. Nothing is better when your chaise can run for a long time.

Now, what makes it all possible? Let’s examine the factors that can impact the comfort and durability of your outdoor chaise.

Factors Influencing Comfort

Material Selection

The first point to look at while buying is the material of the chaise. Here are the top three things to consider:

  • Fabric choice – The cushions and seating material of the chaise must allow for air circulation. This will prevent any discomfort caused by heat and humidity.
  • Cushioning options – Consider the thickness and quality of the cushions. Remember that high-density foam or specialized outdoor cushions will enhance your comfort and resilience.

Some fine examples are Sunsgoods, Sofaways, etc. They offer the most durable, UV-resistant, and easy-to-clean material.

Ergonomic Design

The next factor that can influence comfort is its design and features. Have a closer look at the design and make sure that it has the following:

  • Body support – Nowadays, lounges do come in different shapes and sizes. This is done to support different body shapes and curves and provide more lumbar support.

Before buying a chaise, consider the dimensions of the chaise and make sure it can accommodate the user’s body and height.

  • Spacious options – If you want a huge seating lounge chaise, opt for something with wider dimensions where the user can stretch out comfortably.

Weather-Resistant and Breathable Materials

Nothing is more hurtful than having your chaise lounge go to waste just because of rain or sun. That is why you should consider these points for healthy furniture:

  • Ventilation – While differentiating between different material choices, pick the ones that offer proper ventilation. This way, you can avoid discomfort caused by heat and humidity. For example, mesh and slatted designs promote air circulation and keep the user cool.
  • Quick-drying properties – Always pick fabrics and cushions that can dry quickly. Especially when placed near the poolside or after exposure to rain or moisture.

Portability and Movement

  • Easy to adjust – Chaise lounges with easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms enhance user comfort. Users should be able to effortlessly change positions to suit their preferences.
  • Lightweight options – For those who may need to move their chaise lounges frequently, lightweight options provide convenience without compromising comfort.
outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Factors Influencing Durability

Weather Resistance

  • UV-resistant materials – You should pick the material that can resist fading because of UV rays. This way, your chaise will maintain its aesthetic appeal for a long time.
  • Water resistance – With water-resistant material, the chaise can avoid damage from rain, dew, and accident spills and can have a long life.

Material Selection

  • Rust-resistance – For metal frames, choosing materials like aluminum or stainless steel is a wise decision. They are naturally rust-resistant and you can easily treat them for corrosion.
  • Rot resistance – Natural materials such as teak or cedar are prized for their resistance to rot and decay. They make them durable choices for outdoor furniture.

Quality of Upholstery and Fabrics

  • Waterproof cushions – You may want to get cushions made from waterproof or water-resistant fabric. This way, you can avoid moisture retention and mold growth and keep them running for a long time.
  • Colorfastness – Also, it is better to pick fabrics that don’t fade with time. Check for fabrics that can retain their color and contribute better to visual appeal.


  • Sturdy frame materials – It will be better if you get the frame made out of materials like aluminum, steel, wood, etc.
  • Powder coating – An extra layer of powder-coated finish will give you the benefit of protection against rust and the environment.

Construction quality

  • Reinforcement features – There are many additional features that can enhance the chaise lounges to great lengths. For example, strategically placed supports or joints.
  • Welding quality – Check the quality of welds and joints. Make sure they are high-quality and can withstand regular use.

Determine The Size and Weight of the Capacity

Some other factors that can impact comfort and durability include size and weight. If you are about to go on a shopping spree for a new outdoor chaise, here are some points you should note down:

Size Consideration:

  • Make sure that you have enough outdoor space for the lounge chairs to fit perfectly.
  • Also, consider your body size and shape while picking the right chaise chair dimensions.
  • If you have a large body, pick the one that has more space and is comfortable.
  • The chair should let you stretch out and relax fully without making you feel small.
  • If you want to have a reclining chaise lounge, check if there is enough space for that feature.

Weight Capacity:

  • Pick materials that can hold your weight. For example, plywood is known for durability and strength.
  • Always consider the impact of the chosen material on weight capacity.
  • Read the specifications of the article you are going to buy.

Popular Outdoor Chaise Designs

When it comes to selecting an outdoor chaise lounge with cushions, the market is full of diverse designs. We are going to explore the top three categories, i.e., traditional lounge chairs, contemporary and modern outdoor chaises, and double chaise lounges.

outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Traditional Lounge Chairs

Classic design features – This style is exemplified by the iconic Adirondack style. Let’s explore the features.


  • Slanted seats – The seats are comfortable and provide a relaxing sitting posture.
  • Wide armrests – There is enough space for the armrest to bring comfort and contribute to the entire usability of the chair.
  • Solid construction – Sturdy material is used to make these chairs. Like wood or metal to make a timeless design.

Materials commonly used – Natural materials are mainly used to make such patio lounge chairs.


  • Wood – Common choices are teak, cedar, hardwoods, etc, for their durability.
  • Metal accents – Some designs also use metal hardware.
Pros Cons
Timeless aesthetic
Maintenance needs
Comfortable seating posture
Limited adjustability

Contemporary and Modern Designs

Sleek and minimalist aesthetics – Lucky for you, these designs mostly offer clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics.


  • Clean lines – You will get more straightforward lines and clean designs with such lounge chaises.
  • Innovative shapes – You can definitely get creative with these chaises and get different shapes with unique curves or angles.
  • Neutral colors – They offer a neutral color palette.

Innovative materials and shapes – Aluminum and stainless are the most common materials used. You can also get rattan and wicker for more durability and style.

Integration of technology – some of the modern designs do come with USB ports and built-in speakers to enjoy leisurely time away from the noise of stress.

Pros Cons
Modern aesthetic
High cost
Innovative materials
Limited timelessness
Versatile designs
Highly depended on tech advancement

Double Chaise Lounges

outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Shared seating options – How about something for two people at one time?


  • Wider dimensions – You can get wider dimensions with these chaises, and they are best for your hotel poolside.
  • Independent adjustability – Don’t worry about their adjustments because they work separately on their own.

Ideal for couples or groups – They are best for larger groups or families staying in your hotel. They can have a shared lounging experience with these ones. The best thing is that they create the best moments for shared conversations, and that is the beauty everyone is looking for.

Design considerations for two users – They are spacious and have every adjustable feature. Two people can sit in them without any worry about weight handling capacity because it is completely safe.

Pros Cons
Shared experience and relaxation
Space requirements
Weight considerations
Versatile design
Higher cost
outdoor chaise Furniture Manufacturer

Maintenance and Care Tips

One thing you should always remember is that while having an outdoor chaise adds to the entire aesthetic appeal, it is very important to take care of them. You have to keep them safe from sunlight, rain, wind, dust, and more. Please follow these guidelines to keep them running for a long time.

Use a mild soap mix made out of soap or laundry detergent with water to clean the lounges. For stubborn stains, you can use a mix of white vinegar and water. However, always read the manual to know their recommended instructions according to the fabric or material.

Before cleaning, wipe off the dust particles, leaves, or debris with a broom. Then, apply the cleaning solution with a clean cloth and rinse it off, or use a dry cloth to take off the soap. Don’t be harsh while cleaning; gently scrub the chaises.

To avoid any huge costs or repairs, keep checking the lounge chaise now and then. Look for possible loose screws or fabric tears. Examine the welds and point out the issues in the starting only.

For metal chaise lounges, check for signs of rust and see if any paint is chipped. If that is the case, use touch-up paint to prevent any future damage.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, this guide has assisted you a lot, and you can finally get your dream outdoor chaise. Lately, don’t forget to look for variations in colors. Get the ones that can match with your property designs. We are with you in this search, and Sunsgoods offers great choices at exceptional prices.

Nothing is better than getting your logo on the products you are buying. Just grab the phone and contact our team right away.


What materials are commonly used in outdoor chaise designs for durability?

Commonly teak, eucalyptus, textilene, resin wicker, and mesh. Sling fabric, stainless steel, plywood, wrought iron, and aluminum are used to strengthen the durability of outdoor chaise designs.

Yes, you can definitely leave your patio chaise lounges outside. However, please be careful of the weather conditions that can damage the fabric and material. Just apply protective layers or put them under the shed while it’s raining or snowing.

The common price range for outdoor furniture lies somewhere between $500 to $8000. It can be higher depending on the features and quality.

Yes, there are many stackable and foldable lounges available. For example, a 4-fold patio chaise and Sunsgoods chaises.

It all depends on the material you are using. Aluminum and wicker chaises can last for more than 15 years if kept properly. On the other hand, teakwood furniture can last a long time, sometimes more than 20 years.

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