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If you are connected with sofa wholesalers, Distributor, interior design or sofa industry professionals, we encourage you to become a broker intermediary of Sofaways. Customizable sofa solutions utilizing our 33 years of manufacturing excellence and state-of-the-art technology. Strengthen your professional network by partnering with a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. In return, we'll give you a generous commission. Please contact us to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Leveraging advanced manufacturing facilities, SUNSGOODS consistently delivers top-tier sofa quality. Supported by innovative technology and dedicated R&D, we evolve from standard sofa production to crafting bespoke solutions for your business needs.


Enjoy an exciting journey of sofa customization with SUNSGOODS!

china sofa manufacturer

Innovative Designs

Your vision drives our excellence in sofa design. We specialize in creating pieces that not only meet but exceed your standards, seamlessly fitting into various environments and decor styles.

china sofa manufacturer

Material Choices

Your preferences influence our selection of sofa materials. We are committed to sourcing and using fabrics and leathers that not only meet but surpass your quality expectations, adapting perfectly to different styles and functions.

china sofa manufacturer

Color Options

Discover a wide range of color customization options tailored to enhance your design vision. Select shades that not only complement but elevate your space, ensuring seamless integration into any decor theme.

china sofa manufacturer

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Tailor your sofa’s dimensions and form to suit your unique space requirements. Our precise craftsmanship ensures each piece not only fits but enhances any room, adding both functionality and style.

china sofa manufacturer

Functional Enhancements

Boost your comfort with customizable sofa features designed for your lifestyle. From reclining mechanisms to integrated storage, our designs ensure functionality that not only meets but transforms your living area.

china sofa manufacturer

Textures & Patterns

Explore a variety of texture and pattern options, allowing you to choose finishes that elevate your interior design. Our expertly crafted fabrics and patterns not only meet but inspire your creative vision.

What Sets SUNSGOODS Apart

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Decades of expertise in sofa manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

3-5 days; 50% faster production time

Custom Design Solutions

Fast development, exclusive designs. Boost marketability.

Exclusive Mold Options

Custom molds, design flexibility. Achieve uniqueness.

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china furniture manufacturer

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