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Double Bed vs Full: What's the Difference?

Exploring the differences between double beds and full-sized beds to help you choose the right fit for your space.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a good sleep?

The busy modern lives of the twenty-first century put sleep at a negotiable end for most people. However, soon it starts taking a toll on our health and we’re back in search of a good sleep. Out of all the contributing factors leading to a peaceful and calm sleep, selection between the Full vs. Double Beds is essential.

This article digs deep into the differences between the full vs. double bed. We’ll try to understand the key differentiating factors based on the different aspects covering your sleep needs, space requirements, and others.

Full vs Double Beds

It is easy for many people to get confused in selecting the right bed option out of the availability of full or double beds.

Well, the reasons are clear as the similarities between the full and double beds make the entire thing complicated. The similarities and differences between the two help you to make an informed decision for your place. Not now as you can clearly understand about full vs. double beds.

Full bed:

Popular as a full-size bed, standard double bed, or full bed, the full-size bed width is around 54 inches and the full bed length is 75 inches. Hence, it offers proper space for one adult sleeper or two small sleepers to get comfortable sleep.

Full beds find their place in small master bedrooms with small spaces, teenagers’ bedrooms, or guest rooms. These beds bring the benefits of a more sleeping place than the twin bed but are smaller than the king-size or queen-size beds.

With the full bed comes versatility at your place. It is easy to accommodate a single sleeper wanting to enjoy extra space to stretch out or two sleepers who prefer to sleep closely.

These beds are ideal for teenagers starting to outgrow twin beds but do not want to go for the extra spaces offered by the larger bed sizes.

The limited width of the full bed, however, can be a point of concern for a couple of people. The space issues are prominent for taller individuals who may not get proper legroom on a full bed.

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Double bed:

After a brief review of a full bed, are you keen to understand the double bed mattress?

Firstly, the full beds and double beds terms are similar and hence are widely used interchangeably in different parts of the world. However, a double bed refers to the same width as a full-size bed width in. inches. The difference lies in its length when compared to a full bed.

Double beds have a length of around 80 inches which offers the right space for taller individuals to adjust their legs while sleeping. It can efficiently accommodate a couple also.

Hence, double beds are widely used by people who want a cozy sleep without sacrificing the comfort of space. These come with greater width than the twin beds allowing every couple the benefits of their own space. Taller individuals on the other hand can successfully eliminate their legs hanging off the edge from their sleep.

So, when it comes to a full vs double bed, your choice depends on your specific needs and preferences only. A full bed is sufficient to cater to a small bedroom or guest room or to a place where space is limited. A double bed is ideal for couples or taller individuals looking for extra length to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Several other factors contribute to the decision between a full bed or double bed for any individual. Investing in the right mattress is an important factor here. So, let us move now to understand what double mattresses are in detail.

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What's A Double Mattress?

The most common terms used in the bed sizes were single beds and double beds until the 1950s before the introduction of the king and queen size beds.

Single beds were for single sleepers while double beds were for double sleepers which were then eventually replaced with “twin” and “full” beds respectively. But there is still a catch here!

The double mattress size is 54*75 inches. It is not the same like the twin beds that measure 38*75 inches only. Hence, double beds are 16 inches wider than the twin beds.

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The prominent advantages of using double bed mattress cover:

●Helps save the bedroom space

The minimum room space for a double bed is around 9*10 feet. Hence, these are perfect for small bedrooms or spaces requiring proper adjustment of different furniture.

●Ideal for active sleepers

If you’re a single sleeper looking for active sleeping space, double beds are best for you.

●Readily available bedding accessories

It is easy for double bed owners to get the best bedding accessories according to their requirements. It covers a selection of good options of mattresses, toppers, and bedding sets.

●Highly affordable

Double beds are cheaper than the bigger beds. Hence, these are ideal for young adults who require independent living spaces but with limited budgets for beds.


Some common points of concern when it comes to double bed mattresses are:

●Not for taller sleepers

For taller individuals, double beds may end up in their legs hanging out during sleep. So, taller persons when using double beds end up getting their legs cramped in the fetal position or dangling over the edge.

●Not for couples

When it comes to the double beds, couples do not prefer them. These are too narrow to adjust two adults properly and you may end up sacrificing your sleep position and comfort.

What Is a Full-Size Mattress?

Are you wondering how wide a full mattress is?

It is similar to a double mattress with a size of around 54-75 inches. These mattresses measure the same length and width as the double mattresses. Hence, full-size and double mattresses are often used interchangeably.

Comparing Double Beds With Other Standard Mattress Sizes

It is easy to  compare between between the size of a double bed and other standard mattress sizes with the details given below:

Double Bed vs Twin-Size Bed

The twin-size mattress measures 38*75 inches. The double beds mattresses on the other hand are 54*75 inches in size. Hence, the twin-size beds are 16 inches narrower than the double beds.

Hence, the single adult sleepers prefer the double beds. The kids, teens, and petite adults prefer to go for the twin beds.

Double Bed vs Twin XL-Size Bed

The double beds are six inches narrower than the queen-size beds. Couples prefer these beds with the size dimensions of 60*80 inches. People looking for the right personal space on each side of the bed along with nice leg space prefer to go with the queen beds.

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Double Bed vs King-Size Bed

The double beds are around 22 inches narrower and 5 inches smaller than the King beds. King-size beds measure around 76*80 inches. Hence, king beds are ideal for different sleeping positions in rooms having good spaces.

Other Standard Bed Sizes Chart

Here you’re at a detailed standard bed sizes chart for a quick comparison between the different options based on your immediate requirements:

Size Mattresses Dimensions (In inches) Mattresses Dimensions (In cm) Bed frame Dimensions (In inches) Bed frame Dimensions (In cm) Ideal for
Couples who can sleep close to each other and single sleepers looking for more space in bed.
Single sleepers only.
Couples with small kids or single sleepers prefer to keep their pets on the same bed.
Couples looking for more personal space in the bed or having bedrooms around 12*12 feet or larger.
Super King
Couples looking to upgrade from a queen bed but have space constraints for a standard king-size bed.
California King
Taller couples looking for extra space to stretch out their legs.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between A Double Bed vs Other Bed Sizes

Now with a standard-size chart by your side, it is time to focus on the key factors helping you to decide the right choice between these options. Here are the top four points to consider:

Room Size

Nobody wants a bed acquiring the complete room space. So, first and foremost, it is important to go through your room size and then start your search for the perfect bed size complementing your room. Do not go for extra spacing or get stuck with little floor space to walk around and store other furniture pieces.

Go to SUNSGOODS if you’re in search of some efficient yet space-saving furniture for your place. The professional team of the company has more than three decades of experience in crafting exclusive furniture pieces.

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Your Sleep Preferences

Do you sleep peacefully without moving or do you toss and turn at night? Do you prefer to sleep close to another person or bed or do you splay out like a starfish?

All these questions mentioned sleep related to the sleep preferences of a specific person  before deciding the right bed size. If a person moves around the bed while sleeping, then a big bed is a must. A double bed can be the right choice for people sleeping peacefully in one position.

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In the journey of full vs double beds, with the rise in the size of the bed, there is a significant rise in the pricing of the bed. Hence, you must start your search for the ideal bed size by keeping your budget in mind.

Do not miss the discounts or promotional offers on the best bed sizes by the manufacturers or retailers.

Number Of Occupants

The number of  occupants helps find the right bed size for you. So, it is essential to note here the purpose of the bed. You may want it for yourself, couples, or guests.

Which Bed Size Is The Best For You?

Hope everything is clear to you when it comes to the question of which bed size is the best for you.

The top two options in bed sizes cover full beds and double beds. These are similar in width but differ in height. A quick understanding of the double and full-size mattresses helps you to understand the comfort of sleep offered by these top choices.

The key factors determining this decision are mentioned above for quick decision making in finding the right bed for you. Keep your comfort and sleep requirements at the top to crack the game of the best bed size for your place!

Double Bed vs Full FAQs

Is a double bed the same as a full one?

No, a double bed is different from a full bed. Both double bed and full bed have the same width. The difference lies in their length where double beds are 80 inches in length while the full beds are 75 inches in length.

A full-size bed measures 75 inches only and hence it is not suitable for sleeping for two adult persons. The best solution here is to go with the full-size bed width of 80 inches. It gives ample space for two adults to sleep comfortably without any need to disrupt their sleep.

Queen bed size is the first choice of the couples. It measures between 60*74 inches to 60* 79 inches for most regions. Further, the size of the mattresses for queen bed are between 60-66 inches*72-75 inches. Queen size allows sufficient space for couples with small movements during sleep.

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