How do we identify furniture manufacturers?

Identifying furniture makers: Like a furniture detective, use web searches and recommendations to uncover the creators of comfy treasures!

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Furniture selection is a significant investment that is made over the years, and hence, it needs to be perfect by all means. When it comes to choosing furniture, various things require attention, and among each of these things, the most important is choosing the proper furniture manufacturer.

However, sometimes you do have furniture but you are not aware of the furniture manufacturer.

However, sometimes you do have furniture but you are not aware of the furniture manufacturer.

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Why Choose a Reputable Furniture Manufacturer?

The significance of choosing a reputable furniture manufacturer is undeniable as it offers various aspects that are important for the durability and functionality of the furniture. Some of the reasons to choose a reputable furniture manufacturer comprise the following:

Access to Quality Control

If you source furniture for your clients directly from manufacturers, you have better access to quality control of the furniture. You can work closely with the manufacturers, inspect the material and the process of production, and ensure that the final pieces of furniture are up to your standards.


When you deal directly with the furniture manufacturers, the intermediaries in the middle are eliminated, and this reduces the overall cost. Hence, it allows you to maximize your profit, and at the same time, you are able to provide your clients with cost-effective furniture solutions.

Innovative Designs

When you establish a relationship with the furniture manufacturer, there are various opportunities to enjoy, as it comes with an ability to innovate. You work closely with the furniture manufacturer, and it helps you work closely with the manufacturers where you can, along with them, innovate new designs by exploring unique materials and layouts.

How to Identify the Right Furniture Manufacturer?

Once you have gone through the significance of identifying the proper manufacturer for the furniture, you must also know about the factors that are important to consider when identifying your furniture manufacturer.

Search for Labels

Labels are always a mark of identification for every business; the same goes for furniture as well. A label on a furniture piece consists of details, such as brand name, barcodes, locations, and when the furniture has been manufactured.

Once you find the label on the furniture piece, you will be able to identify the manufacturer of your furniture. The label could be on different corners, but there would definitely be a label.

Look for Identification Marks

Marks are another way of identifying the furniture, and you can look for some of these on your furniture. If you thoroughly inspect the furniture, you will come across some handwritten signatures on the furniture piece.

These days, furniture manufacturers commonly use a metallic tag, which is a form of marking. The marking may also have some details that allow you to identify the furniture manufacturer.

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Searching for Furniture Stamps

Furniture manufacturers have their unique stamps for identification, which are also known as furniture identification numbers. These stamps are mainly in the inner locations, like inside the drawers, under the tables and chairs, usually on the part beneath the furniture.

These stamps comprise the furniture manufacturer’s name and some identification numbers that help identify the furniture manufacturer. The identification number comprises a code, and this code helps in locating the furniture manufacturer.

There are different ways to figure out the manufacturer using the code, which includes calling companies around to check or using the internet by uploading the serial number and getting information about the manufacturers.

Taking Help from Other Furniture Manufacturers

If you have old furniture and you wish to identify who the manufacturer of that furniture is, you can head to some other furniture manufacturers. As they have been in the field for many years, they have sufficient experience and expertise to help you locate the manufacturer for that particular product.

Searching on the Internet

These days, the internet offers a versatile solution to every issue. Hence, you can also make use of the internet to locate the furniture manufacturer of your furniture. You can use the marks and labels and social media platforms, including Reddit and Quora, where you can ask people about the furniture manufacturer to whom the label belongs.

You can also post pictures of the furniture in question, and someone might help you with the information they may have.

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Search in Furniture Company Directories

The company directories are also an efficient source of locating the right and required furniture manufacturer. After you have tried all the methods listed above, you can have a look at the company directory for furniture manufacturers. If you have labels and details about them, you can find something in those directories that relate to them.

Make the Use of Informative Resources

There are multiple informative resources, which consist of journals, articles, magazines, blogs, and many more that may be related to furniture, and they help you find clues regarding the manufacturer you are looking forward to.

Trace through Catalog

Every furniture company releases its catalog for the new designs now and then, which helps to trace them. If you know the date of production for your furniture through labels, you search for the catalog of furniture during that time, and this may help you locate the furniture manufacturer.

Checkout Auction Houses

Auction houses have old furniture, and paying a visit to these can help you look at the related furniture present there. You can take a look at the furniture and identify if something from the same manufacturer is there or not.

These auctions are also composed of catalogs, which you can go through and check if the same piece of furniture is found in the catalog or not, and you will be able to figure out some clues there.

Visiting a Furniture Fair

Furniture fairs are held now and then, where various manufacturers showcase their furniture pieces. You can also pay a visit to such a fair and identify the labels and other details by matching them with the companies that are participating. This way, you may come across the relevant furniture manufacturer you have been looking forward to.

Looking for Furniture Manufacturer Websites

You can also search for the websites of various furniture manufacturers; by going through different websites and having a look at their details and images of the future, you can find the furniture manufacturer you are looking forward to.

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What are the Important Aspects to Keep in Mind When Identifying Furniture Manufacturers?

When it comes to searching for the furniture manufacturer, a few of the points and marks that you should keep in mind and pay attention to are labels, timestamps, and marks on the furniture pieces.

Apart from this, it cannot be stressed enough that the different furniture manufacturers have their styles and layouts. Look for the fine details that help you identify the inspiration of the furniture manufacturer that is contained in the furniture piece.

You will always need to examine the furniture in detail by looking inside the drawers, in the cupboards, or on the sides of the beds, where you can find the hidden marks of identification that tell you about the manufacturer.

Various furniture manufacturers are known for manufacturing the finest furniture pieces. Still, if you want something unique for your clients, you should have a look at the furniture collection offered by Sungoods.

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You can have customized furniture manufactured based on your client’s preference. We are always ready to cater to you with the choice of material, design, and layout you wish to have in the furniture pieces.


1.How do I find the manufacturer of a piece of furniture?

There are various ways to find the manufacturer of the furniture piece you may have, which consists of looking on the internet, searching for furniture company directories, visiting furniture fairs, and much more.

2.How can I tell what brand of furniture I have?

You can examine the furniture labels that are present either in the drawers or at the bottom side of your furniture; those labels may contain the details of the brand of furniture you are using.

3.How do I find out who made the furniture?

No matter who made your furniture, they will always leave a mark there, so you can examine the furniture piece with such a mark of identification, and you will be able to figure this out in the form of a stamp, label, or identification number.

4.How can I find out who made a piece of furniture?

The furniture you are looking for the manufacturer of will have the name or logo of the company, and this will help you identify who made your furniture.

5.How do I find the manufacturer of an item?

You can make the most of the internet, search on Google, and search on the company directories available online, and look for the websites. You can also go to social media and post pictures of the items, and someone may help you find the furniture.

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