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How to Convert Bed Frame to Platform: A Modern DIY Transformation!

Learn how to convert bed frame to platform with our detailed guide. Convert your traditional bed into a sleek, modern platform-style frame.

Knowing how to convert bed frame to platform can offer several benefits. It saves money, looks impressive, and offers versatility. To say the least, this process is relatively easy and hassle-free. It requires some simple tools and a bit of know-how.

This guide will give you a step-by-step approach to achieving your ideal platform-style frame. It is time to improve the look and style of your bed. There are easy ways to do it.

Benefits Of Converting To A Platform Bed!

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Contemporary And Stylish Look

By converting a standard bed frame to a platform, one gets a classic look. It is sleek and modern, with clean and straight lines of the frame. The platform frame is low, which results in a minimalistic style.

Additionally, since the base of the bed is either solid or slatted, the look remains uniform.

The material of the platform can convert bed frame to platform bed frame, which can be wood, metal, or a combination thereof. A bed with a solid, flat base does not require extra decorative elements, and curtained beds look less attractive. Many modern designs tend to monochrome, and a platform conversion excludes the necessity of having a whole lot of different colors.

The base eliminated the need for a separate box spring, making the bed look minimalistic. Such a design is suitable for most modern interiors, including industrial, Scandinavian, etc. In many platforms, another base is integrated, which puts storage. Beds become a few centimeters lower, which is also a modern requirement. Simplicity and function become doubly popular in cities, so platforms are widespread in loft-space.

Improved Mattress Support

The mattress on a platform bed feels more comfortable compared to a traditional frame. It has better support since the structure has no sections where it sinks more. The platform bed uses a flat surface. It can be both solid and a core of 2-4 cm or slatted with small gaps.

The mattress is less likely to wear out on such a bed. It is especially important for foam mattresses, do not like twisting. It is beneficial for innerspring mattresses as well. A platform bed eliminates the need for a box spring on which the mattress is placed.

The latter acts as a crutch and protects the mattress from cuts, and mold. Platforms with slats offer additional ventilation to avoid moisture beds. Platforms with a solid base are also better to use to prevent mattresses from sliding. Conversion of frames into a platform is simple because a similar basis is added to every bed. The frame armrests can be removed to reduce costs and time.

Such an option is the right decision not only because the slats support the mattress better but also because there is no better solution than the minimalism and self-sufficiency of a platform bed.

Space-Saving Design

A converted standard bed frame optimized space in the bedroom. Quickly convert bed frame to platform bed slats. The bed is located on the floor, freeing up the surrounding space. In addition, many platforms have a drawer under the base for storage.

That is, there is no need for chest and other boxes for cloth. Unlike a standard one, the platform is a more compact and simpler structure. It reduces the feeling of clutter and allows for flexible furniture placement. From above, it is possible to use any mattress, even without worthless extra components.

Tools And Materials Needed!

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Circular Saw

A circular saw is used to have accurate cuts of wood when converting a bed frame into a platform.

Convert bed frame to platform bed frame easily. It is electric with a circular blade and aligns itself on straight lines using planks of wood which are circular in sizes. A depth setting is adjustable and the working is accurate. The saw has ergonomic handles.

The motor should run at around 3,000 rotations per minute. A proper guard of a blade ensures safety to the person using it. For the saw to remain clean after work, it should have a dust collection port. Some saws have a laser guide for you to have cuttings which are accurate.

Remember to use the right blade of the saw for the wood you are working on. Proper storage is ensured for you.

Drill With Variable Speed

Variable speed drills provide flexibility when the work on converting the bed frame to platform starts.

Find convert bed frame to platform bed plans. Variable speed ensures accurate drills and screw driving.

At least 20 clutch settings are used for torque. During work, one should be comfortable using it, and the handle should be ergonomic. It should have reverse and forward rotational operation.

The LED light on it should be dependable. In case bits change, it should have a keyless chuck. Its motor should be able to drill thick woods. The battery should be fully charged in cordless drills.

Clamps And Square

Clamps are used to hold pieces. Secure convert bed frame to platform bed hardware. When making a platform, use a square to ensure the axis is at right angles. Use clamp of the exact size you need. Use bar clamps when attaching longer wooden pieces. Clamps like spring can effectively be used, they get a speedy application. When assembling it use a square to ensure the angles are right.

Use adjustable clamps for different types of projects and with clear markings and measurements to aid in accuracy. Use clamps that have levels in them. Keep clamps clean to ensure they are tight.

Wood Glue And Screws

Wood glue effectively strengthens joints when converting a bed frame to a platform. When applying glue, ensure you spread it evenly on both the edges of the wood to develop an ideal bond. Select a type that dries clear to avoid visible marks on the platform.

Screwing wood pieces also strengthen their connection. Go for an option with a flat head to ensure a neat finish. Besides, opting for self-tapping screws minimizes the necessity to drill before installation. Note that screws come in various lengths to meet different wood thicknesses, so choose wisely.

To save time, consider purchasing an electric screwdriver. Once you apply glue, add clamps to retain pressure applied. Also, give time for the glue to dry before uninstalling clamps.

Tape Measure And Level

A tape measure verifies that you cut the wood according to the dimensions. Alternatively, levels confirm that the platform is vertical or horizontal. The common measure usually has a length starting from 25. Retractable tapes provide easy use when measuring long lengths.

You will need convert bed frame to platform bed conversion kits. Moreover, consider adding a lockable measure to keep it out during use. The level displays measurements on an incline, so choose wisely.

When measuring your platform, ensure you check dimensions more than one to confirm you got accurate figures. Keep both in your tool belt to have easy accessibility when at work. Place them in a dry place when not in use.

Orbital Sander

An orbital sander smoothes the surface of the platform. Note that its circular motion prevents the development of deep scratches. Choose a sander whose speed varies for easy control.

A bag over the sander collects dust from piling around the workplace. Also, consider an option that has an ergonomic handle for comfortable usage. The sander should have dimensions and a weight that allows easy movement around tight spaces.

Go for an option that has sandpaper attached with hook-and-loop implements since they reduce attachment time. Finally, use sandpaper with varying grit levels to create a finish you like. Make sure the model has enough power to perform the task. Also, clean it once in a while for efficient functioning.

Tool/Material Purpose Required Skill Level Usage Frequency Durability Alternatives
Circular Saw
Cutting wood
Table saw, Hand saw
Drill with Variable Speed
Creating holes, driving screws
Moderate to High
Very Frequent
Impact driver, Hand drill
Clamps and Square
Securing & aligning materials
Low to Moderate
Vise, Handheld clamps
Wood Glue and Screws
Bonding & fastening materials
Very Frequent
High (glue), Moderate (screws)
Nails, Adhesive strips
Tape Measure and Level
Measuring & leveling
Laser measure, Ruler
Orbital Sander
Smoothing surfaces
Belt sander, Hand sandpaper

Table on Tools And Materials Needed to Convert Bed Frame to Platform!

Step-By-Step Guide!

Measure Your Bed Frame

First, measure the width and length of your bed frame using a tape measure. Include convert bed frame to platform bed frame instructions in your plan. Measure the side rail that is inside from the inner edge and from the inner edge of the headboard to that of the footboard.

It is crucial to measure it because it helps you know how to fit in slats or plywood. Second, compare your measurement data with the mattress standard size to confirm if it would fit in.

Cut The Slats Or Plywood

Use a saw to cut slats or plywood. The cuts should be accurate so that each piece fits in the frame.

Normally, you need between 5 to 10 slats, which are equally spaced in the frame for support. Each slat is cut to equal length so that the platform is always balanced.

If you are using the plywood cut it to the same length as the inner dimensions of the frame. Before cutting ensure that you double-check the measurements and saw the edges. After the cutting, sand the edges so that the platform is not rough and avoids splinters.

Prepare The Frame

Look at the slats or plywood and prepare the bed frame. Tighten any loose screws or bolts located in the frame. Check if the center support beams are properly fitted and cleaned to prevent any dust or debris.

Finally, ensure that the headboard and footboard are also tight using the wrench tool.

Install The Base

Now that the slats are ready and the frame is checked, install it in the frame. Ensure you follow convert bed frame to platform build guidelines.

Ensure that between one slat and the other there is a space to accommodate equal spacing. Moreover, for the plywood, make sure they are flat and even and the fits in the frame perfectly. Fix them with screws once you place and drill pilot holes so that the slat does not split.

Finally, attach the slats to the side rails so that they are strong to support the bed. When you finish, you must tighten to see if it is firmly installed. If you notice any movements inside then tighten bolts so be firm.

Finishing Touches

The final thing you can do is check how it will be moving if no major movements are noticed, and then unscrew one and add a non-slip pad or adhesive strip so that the mattress does not slide. Also, check that all screws are tight and if not tight them using a screwdriver.

Follow convert bed frame to platform bed base construction guidelines. If by using again the firming tool you cannot do it is good to call the carpenter to do it for you. If the paint if no longer fit for covering then apply some wooden finish so that the moving parts are not visible. Then place the mattress to see if it is stable then you are done.

Customizing Different Bed Frame Types!

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Converting A Box Spring To A Platform Bed

Converting a box spring to a platform bed requires a couple of essential elements and some specific steps. Firstly, the mattress needs to be stripped, and the box spring should be detached. A screwdriver or a wrench should be used to get rid of the bolts holding the frame together.

The second step would be to fortify the existing frame by adding slats or plywood. To place the new slats, some adjustments, such as a power drill that secures sturdy connections, would be needed. Moreover, the slats should be attached to the frame’s length, ensuring that no gaps are present. In addition, each slat should be evenly spaced, with a rule of thumb not to exceed two to three inches. Finally, once all slats are secure, the mattress needs to be placed on top of the box spring frame to test its stability. Aim to follow the second step if the bed wobbles and further tighten the screws and bolts. As a final move, it remains to press down on the different parts of the mattress and to investigate potentially unstable parts. If there are any, then more slates will be required to ensure a stable bed.

Converting A Metal Bed Frame To A Platform Bed

To start converting a metal bed frame to a platform bed, the existing frame must be disassembled.

Detach the bolts that hold the headboard and the footboard together, using the screws.

To continue, there is a need to install central support bars if the frame does not have anything to support the mattress. Subsequently, slats, which are wooden pieces equally spaced and trimmed to the frame’s width, are to be added. Furthermore, these should be secured with screws and metal brackets in case any are present for the memory foam mattress.

At the same time, cater to ensure slats’ alignment with the edges of the frame to avoid sagging. They should be at the same height as the edges and parallel to ensure beds’ stability. The ultimate step is to lay a mattress on the slats and then test for wobbliness.

To fix the problem, all bolts and screws must be tightened and then press down on all parts of the bed. If the frame reliably holds, then the metal bed frame has been successfully converted into a platform bed.

Choosing The Right Mattress For Your Platform Bed!

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Selecting the perfect mattress for a platform bed is an important decision. This choice will depend on convert bed frame to platform bed support, compatibility, and comfort. SUNSGOODS mattresses are dedicated to different types of platform beds and provide a smooth fit.

To make an informed choice, it is important to investigate different features that guarantee the ideal mattress will be the selected one when converting a bed frame to a platform bed.

SunsGoods Mattress: The Best Match

SUNSGOODS mattresses are suitable for different types of platform beds. Solid bases perform best with the mattress, as do slatted bases. Stability is one of the requirements that platform beds have, and SUNSGOODS mattresses deliver outstanding performance.

The material of the mattress’s base works well with the platform, thus reaching a balanced surface. In turn, this reduces the pressure points and provides better sleep. The material of the mattress is breathable and helps with temperature regulation.

The sleep regime remains comfortable and uninterrupted throughout the whole night. Of course, it is necessary to pay special attention to the durability of the mattress. It will stay in shape even with the years of use, allowing it to provide the required support.

It will not get out of balance or collapse, which means that comfort is ensured. In short, SUNSGOODS mattresses are the best choice for platform beds due to multiple reasons. They deliver the necessary support and comfort, and they are durable and reliable.

Durability And Longevity

Durability is the ultimate necessity when selecting a mattress to fit a platform bed. It performs well in this context. SUNSGOODS mattresses are long-lasting and can withstand everyday use. Different materials involved in its construction are resistant, which is complemented by reinforced edges. Platform beds are also reliable and offer support.

SUNSGOODS mattresses are resistant to traveling, which is another advantage. Overall, internal layers of variety provide support. The structure is in perfect condition thanks to the foam. Moreover, improved foam offers the necessary durability.


This guide has taken you through how to convert bed frame to platform. From evaluating your bed frame to the finishing touches, you are ready to make it happen. Remember, the result is a custom, handmade platform bed frame. It defines your style and personality.

Go to SunsGoods for more ideas on home improvement projects. You can do it, too. It is a fun and DIY project that you will start right away.


How Does A Platform Bed Impact Mattress Support And Ventilation?

A platform bed improves support with its solid base. It removes the need for box springs. This leads to more stability. Ventilation may differ. Some designs have slats for air circulation. Others rely on a solid surface. Platforms can minimize sagging. They offer steady support across the entire mattress.

Converting a standard frame to a platform requires added support. Using plywood panels helps. Add cross beams for extra strength. You also need to adjust height. Remove wheels and replace with solid legs. This change improves stability. Consider adding slats for airflow. It results in a more solid foundation.

Platform bed hardware is robust and versatile. Bolts are usually thicker. Brackets offer flexibility. Support structures are reinforced. Conventional frames use thinner metal. Platforms require cross beams and slats. Extra screws help with stability. The solid foundation supports different types of mattresses. Connecting parts might vary in shape and size.

To convert a box spring to a platform, remove the outer fabric. Add plywood to the frame’s top. Secure it with screws along the edges. Add extra wooden slats for more support. The goal is to create a flat, stable surface. This design eliminates the need for additional box springs.

Design plans for converting bed frames to platform beds include detailed steps. Start with frame measurements. Add support beams under the frame. Use a plywood sheet on top. Connect parts using L-shaped brackets. Detailed instructions outline placement and assembly. Custom plans are also available. Include height adjustments as needed.

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