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How to Style a Dining Room Table

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Are you planning to host a holiday dinner sometime soon? Or maybe you want to impress all the guests at a party with your interior design skills. No matter what the case, your dining room table is often the most crucial but also the most overlooked part of your interior decoration. When planning a to-do list of tasks and decorations you have to do before a party, giving some attention to the poor dining table gets missed.

And then when the guests arrive and sit down at the table together, you realize how much in need of attention it was. The long-before-bought fake flowers are dusty and the tablecloth has seen better days. Yikes! We don’t want you to end up in a position like this and that’s why we’ve designed this guide to help you become a master of interior styling.

If you like a vintage theme or a modern element, you will find all the variety that matches your style in this guide. Let’s dive in!

Why Style a Dining Room Table?

Now that most of us like to sit in our rooms and cannot eat anything without watching YouTube videos, the concept of a dining room is fading slowly. But a dining room is actually one of the most important parts of your home. It brings families, friends, and relatives closer together to enjoy and dine on a delicious feast.

And when you enter a dining room, your dining table is the ultimate focal point for everyone. Whether you have a separate room or an open-concept floor plan, if you think that you cannot possibly think of any way to style your dining table, you’re wrong!

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How to Style a Dining Table that Enhances Your Space

Did you buy a new Marble dining table and chair set from SUNSGOODS? Or maybe you got one customized according to your dining room theme but now you’re confused about how to style it? Don’t worry; just follow these tips and tricks to achieve a dining setting that wows guests at your next dinner party!

Table and Chairs Should not be the Same.

This one just goes without saying! When you’re buying new furniture for your dining room, you have to make sure that the chairs and table have a different contrasting texture or color. Why, you might ask? Well, this is because you want there to be a blocking between the floor, walls, and your table so it becomes the ultimate focus of the room. If all the elements in your room are the same color and texture, then it will look like the table has grown out of the floor. This will make your styling boring and uneasy on the eyes.

The table top can be of a similar or the same color as the walls but then the legs of the table have to be a different shade. It’s kind of like the layers in a cake; you want each layer to be different so the person eating it enjoys the textures and taste changes. In the same way, you want some asymmetry in the colors so it doesn’t look like a dining room straight out of space.

Tablecloths are Your Friend

That’s right, tablecloths are your best friends when it comes to styling the dining table. They can make or break the look you’re going for, kind of like choosing the wrong foundation for your face. A tablecloth that’s way too big for your table will look like a drooping curtain, and one that’s too short will keep your guests fighting for the bigger end throughout dinner.

Do you ever notice how most rich people’s homes have natural materials infused all around their decor? Well, this is a subtle trick to add a touch of quiet luxury to your decor, and your dining table will follow the same strategy. Ditch the synthetic materials and go straight for natural ones like cotton or linen for a different texture.

Decide on the Centerpiece

Now comes the part where we need all your attention and the creative juices flowing! Deciding on the centerpiece is just as important as deciding the menu for your party. And the options are almost limitless, literally. Here, we will provide you with some of the most common centerpieces that you can style your table with:

  • Plants or Flowers

Bringing life to your dining table is as easy as adding fresh flowers or lively plants. Whether it’s a big bouquet or a few blooms from your garden, the possibilities are endless. Just think about your table space—focus on colors and textures you love.

Fresh flowers need some care, so if that’s not your style, high-quality fake flowers are great these days. They look real, and your guests won’t even notice. Different flowers give different vibes, so choose roses for romance or daisies for a fun game night.

  • Fruit

Picture a beautiful bowl filled with seasonal fruit—it’s the perfect dining table addition. It can be just for show or a handy spot for easy-to-reach snacks.

Mix and match fruits or stick to one color theme. Change the fruits with the seasons for a perpetually fresh look. Plus, it’s a welcoming touch if guests are in the mood for a quick snack. Just make sure that the fruit is as fresh as it can be to bring a refreshing touch to the table.

  • Vases

Choosing the right vase can instantly style up your dining table. They come in different shapes and sizes, from ceramic to glass. It’s easy—pick what you like!

A single vase or a group of different-sized ones can look great. Vary the heights for a cool look, and you can leave them empty if you’re not into high maintenance. Or, pop in some flowers or greenery for that extra touch.

  • Feature Lighting

Lighting matters for a cozy atmosphere. A statement light above your table is a game-changer. There are loads of options—pick what you love!

Your lampshade sets the mood, whether it’s an industrial vibe with a geometric brass one or a romantic feel with a woven shade. Just remember, keep it in tune with your table size so it adds to the room without taking over.

  • Candles

Candles are like magic for your table—they bring in a cozy vibe and look beautiful at night. They’re cheap and super easy.

Go for regular candles for that classic touch, or get LED ones if you worry about accidents. Even during the day, candles of different sizes and colors add a nice touch. For a fancy dinner, try putting mirrors under them or float some in a bowl of water for a fancy sparkle.

What’s Better Than One Centerpiece?

Do you know what’s better than one centerpiece on the dining table? Keeping two or more pieces! There is no hard and fast rule that says that you can only use one centerpiece decoration for your dining table. If you have a larger, rectangular dining table, then you’re in luck because you have the chance to decorate two or three vases, candles, or bowls on the table.

Just imagine how interesting and beautiful this arrangement would look once somebody enters your dining room.

If you’re going for flowers, then make sure to choose a similar variation of the same flower family to keep a little bit of cohesiveness in the look. And if you go for vases, then you can add symmetry by keeping the bigger one in the middle and two shorter ones on the sides. This is where you can take control and change however you like it; the end result will be amazing anyway.

Set the Dinnerware

Now comes the part where we all kind of mess up the beautiful dining table setting we’ve done so far, and that’s why we’re going to guide you on every step. Your dinnerware should always be in contrast or match the overall theme of the dining table that you’ve decided on. If you set a rustic theme with flowers as centerpieces, then you need silverware and dinnerware that matches the look. If the dinner theme is more luxurious and you want your table to be luxurious on a budget, then choose white porcelain dinnerware that’s as subtle as it looks. Imagine how well it will set with our white marble dining table and chair set. Pure luxury!

Keep a classic silverware set in case any guests arrive because silver matches or goes in contrast with almost all themes.

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Mix and Match Patterns

Pattern on pattern can be tricky to nail, especially if your dining table and chairs are textured differently. Once you actually do a good job at using patterns for your table decor, you will leave the guests wondering, “I don’t know how they did that but it looks amazing”.

Start by building off the theme with one dominant color. Maybe you want to use your table’s color or one dominant color in the serveware. Every other decor or serving item on your table should complement and have this color. Then, you will choose the size of your patterns. Make sure that patterns are in different sizes so it’s easy on the eyes. Now, the final part is layering. On a large scale, you can layer using your tabletop as the base, then build it off with the table runner and centerpiece. You can also layer using a placemat, a dinner plate, and then the napkins. Combine stripes with florals and geometrics with polka dots.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know how to make a dining table that actually steals gasps and compliments from your guests. From mixing patterns with patterns to choosing the right centerpiece, we have given you all the creative ideas you need to design a table that’s a conversation starter.

And with the help of the stunning, state-of-the-art dining room furniture from SUNSGOODS, you are ready to host any event for 2024!

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How can I make my dining room table look nice?

It’s very simple: add some flowers or a vase in the center, lay down a silk or cotton table runner, and make your dinnerware the statement piece. Voila!

How can I decorate my dining room table when not in use?

If your table is not in regular use, then replace the flowers with dried foliage and pampas grass because these are low maintenance and last longer. You can also go for a low-hung lighting fixture to replace the centerpiece and bring attention to the table instantly.

What do you put in the center of a dining table?

The center of the dining table is made for fresh flowers, fruit bowls, your favorite books, a collectible you got from your trip around the world, or anything that you think could be a conversation starter.

How do you style the middle of a dining table?

Play with vases, candles, or a decorative runner to keep things interesting.

How to set a table in 2023?

2023 is all about minimalism. You have to reach for the quiet luxury vibe with a cotton table runner, porcelain dinnerware, and a vase with freshly cut roses to bring everything together. We’re being eco-conscious for 2023 and your table needs to show that too!

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