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How Wide is a King-size Bed Frame?

King-size bed frames: spanning a regal 76 inches in width, offering spacious comfort fit for royalty.

Are you fond of the comfort of king-size beds?

If yes, then you’re not alone as king-size beds are one of the preferred choices of many people globally. The reasons are clear- comfort, proper space, and style. But do you know that the entire responsibility of your comfortable sleep is on the dedicated king-size bed frame only?

So today, this write-up helps you understand the role of bed frames for king-size beds. We’ll help you to ensure you find the right king-size headboard dimensions according to your space and requirements. A quick comparison between the different available sizes will help you select the right option according to your immediate sleep needs.

Who Needs King-size Bed Frames?

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Is the king-size bed frame ideal for me?

Many of us struggle when upsizing from a queen-sized bed. As the name suggests, king-size is the biggest of all the standard-size mattresses. So, the king-size bed frames are larger than the mattresses for proper comfort and fitting.

When it comes to dimensions, king-size mattresses are around 76 inches wide. So, the king-size headboard dimensions are up to 80 inches when you want a frame with the headboard. This extra 2 inches of space on both sides help accommodate a headboard properly with the bed.

If you’re someone upgrading from a queen-size bed or searching for an amazing bed for your master bedroom, king-size bed frames are best for you. It is the right upgrade option if you’re searching for increased space and comfort than the queen size beds.

The king-size beds are the perfect choice for families having more than one kid, couples, and people looking for extra sleeping space. Hence, these are ideal beds for families having children who may crawl into bed with their parents.

Factors to Consider When Buying a King-size Bed Frame

After going through a quick need for king-size bed frames, it is great to consider the different factors before making your purchase.


Firstly, you must note here that the size of the king bed frame should be two to five inches extra in addition to the width of the mattresses.

Further, while selecting the king-size bed frame with headboard and footboard, it is essential to pay attention to the thickness of the headboard, side rails, and footboard.

Weight Capacity :

It is vital to consider the king bed and frame weight capacity. It will help find what type of mattress thickness and weight is ideal for this frame.

So, you must check the weight capacity of the frame of the king-size bed before making your decision.

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Design :

The design of some of the king-size metal bed frames need big spaces. It covers sleigh beds, beds with drawers and shelves, or floating platforms. The floating platform beds come with wider bed frames while sleigh beds are longer due to the presence of both headboards and footboards.

The designs, however, do not interfere with the overall space offered to the mattress to accommodate the metal bed frame.

Space :

Moving ahead, it is essential to measure the size of the room where the king-size bed and frame are placed. If you have an ideal room size of 12 feet by 12 feet, you can go ahead with the Eastern king bed. An important consideration here is to check the total space left after arranging the mattress and other room furniture. It shouldn’t get too empty or too tight after placing the other items in the room.

So, based on the room space, it is easy to go for the bed frame which is simple or comes with a headboard and footboard.

Budget :

Last but not least, it is easy to shortlist at least two to three options based on the features mentioned above. Then, based on your budget requirements, it is easy to find the right king-size bed headboard and footboard frame.

Do not miss the selection of simple frames, fancy upholstered frames, or frames with headboards and footboards. The overall cost will increase if there is a need for a box spring or foundation. Ideally, these frames may cost you between 70 to 4,000 USD.

Types of King Beds

After understanding the key defining factors for the bed frames size, here are the different types of highly functional king beds available for the modern population looking for peaceful nights.

These variations are due to the different sizes suiting the different sleep needs:

California King :

The dimensions of the California King bed are 72 inches * 84 inches. It has a mattress with a little difference from the standard king-size mattress.

The extra length of the California King bed makes it an ideal choice for many couples. It is one of the longest beds and hence is a popular choice. These beds are available in split versions allowing couples to choose the mattress type according to their needs.

The only issue with the California King bed is that it is not suitable for co-sleeping a good night’s sleep with more than one child.

Split King :

Couples having different sleeping preferences can go ahead with the split king beds. These beds use the two twin XL mattresses placed side by side for enhanced comfort without compromising privacy. Hence, every sleeper gets around 38 inches*80 inches of space on their respective side of the bed.

The best reason to go for a split king bed is allowing both sleepers to choose their personal level of support and comfort without compromise. It further allows smooth angle customization.

When it comes to the frames and mattresses, the split king beds work in sync with the standard king bed frames. The reason is simple as the split king and standard king bed frames both have the same width and length. However, it is not the same for the adjustable beds option in split king as these require two twin XL adjustable bases.

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Other Standard Bed Sizes

Moving ahead, let us move on to some standard bed sizes apart from the king beds for better understanding of the bed frame dimensions:

Queen mattresses :

The dimensions of queen mattresses are 60 inches * 80 inches.

The queen mattresses are ideal for single sleepers and couples. The reason is simple and obvious as these offer the right space for a single sleeper to relax and peaceful sleep. Sleepers looking for easy tosses and turns can go ahead for queen mattresses without the fear of falling from the bed.

The queen mattresses are not the preferred choice of the couples looking for personal sleeping space.

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Twin mattresses :

The dimensions of twin mattresses are 38 inches * 75 inches.

If you’re up to some amazing mattress for your kid’s room, twin mattresses are the best solutions. However, these are not recommended for grown-up kids or adults due to size limitations.

Twin XL mattresses :

The dimensions of Twin XL mattresses are 38 inches * 80 inches.

These are half of the king-size bed and are ideal for single sleepers having limited space. Hence, these mattresses are perfect solutions for college hostels and adult bedrooms.

Full or double mattresses :

The dimensions of full or double mattresses are 54 inches * 75 inches.

These mattresses efficiently accommodate one adult and one child. The full mattresses may are not for two adults.

The option of the full XL with dimensions of 54 inches * 80 inches solves the sleeping space problem for two adults but it is not widely available. Hence, you may face issues in finding out the accessories for full XL mattresses.

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Comparison of Standard Bed Sizes

Below is a quick comparison table for different standard bed sizes for facilitating your choice in selecting the right bed for your needs:

Sr. No. Mattress Size Mattress Dimensions (in inches) Mattress Dimensions (in cm) Recommended Room Size (in inches) Recommended Room Size (in cm)
Twin XL
California King


So, no more confusion in finding out the dimensions of the king-size bed frame. It is easy to find the right width according to the different factors mentioned above.

The different types of king beds and other standard sizes help find the right bed frame for you. Not to miss is a quick comparison chart of the different bed sizes and room sizes for easy decision-making.

All you need to do is prepare yourself with the required details and then go ahead with selecting the right bed frame for king-size comfort at your place!


What is the size of the king-size bed frame?

The standard size of the king-size bed frame is 76 inches * 80 inches.

These beds are ideal for accommodating two adults easily.

Yes, there is a significant difference between the king-size bed frame and king-size bed mattresses to accommodate the headboard and footboard easily.

The two main types of king beds are the California king beds and Split king beds.

You must understand the size, weight capacity, and design of the king-size bed frame. Further, you must check the room space and select the one based on your budgetary requirements.

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