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OEM Solution

We can push your product design and concept to the market through OEM service according to your quality and brand standards.

Providing Customized Furniture to Meet Unique Needs and Preferences

SUNSGOODS is a leading sofa manufacturer that offers OEM customization services to its clients. The company has a team of skilled craftsmen who work closely with clients to create bespoke furniture pieces that meet their unique needs and requirements. The OEM customization service ensures that clients can design and create their own furniture pieces with SUNSGOODS’s assistance. This service is ideal for clients who want furniture that perfectly matches their space, style, and functionality needs. SUNSGOODS’s OEM customization service provides clients with flexibility and control over the furniture creation process, ensuring that they receive a product that is truly unique and tailored to their preferences.

7 Steps to Customizing Your Sofa

01 Initial Consultation

SUNSGOODS will consult with you to understand your needs, preferences, and requirements.

02 Design Process

Our sofa design team discusses coming up with a custom design that meets the client’s needs.

03 Material Selection

SUNSGOODS will provide you with material options, such as fabrics, leathers, and colors.

04 Prototype Creation

SUNSGOODS may create a prototype of the custom design for your approval.

05 Sample Sheet Production

Once the customer has approved the prototype and materials, SUNSGOODS will start manufacturing the sample sheet, which will be ready for you to preview and see the sofa

06 Mass Production Process

SUNSGOODS will ensure that the customized sofa meets our quality standards and your requirements, and then start mass production of high quality sofas

07 Packaging And Delivery

Your finished order has been carefully packaged into your customized packaging and will be delivered to you via a reliable logistics company for secure transportation

Six Furniture Customization Options Tailored To You

Material selection

You can choose from a wide range of materials, such as leather, fabric, or synthetic materials, for your furniture.

Color selection

You can choose from a variety of colors for your furniture, including custom colors to match your specific design requirements.

Size & Shape Customization

You can customize the size and shape of your furniture to fit your specific space and design requirements.

Functional Customization

You can add unique features to your furniture such as USB charging ports, built-in storage, adjustable headrests, or you can send us the features you want to customize and it can all be customized for you.

Design Customization

You can work with SUNSGOODS to create a unique furniture design that meets your specific style preferences and design requirements.

Logo Customization

You can add your own logo or branding to your furniture for promotional purposes or to create a cohesive brand aesthetic in your space.

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