The Top 10 Best Patio Furniture Brands

Go through the top ten best patio furniture brands in detail. Understand the different brands of patio furniture.

Who doesn’t like to have a good and spacious patio or garden or outdoor space at your place?

The patio can be a relaxing as well as amazing place which adds to the beauty of your place. Many property consultants claim that the addition of patios in personal and professional spaces increases their worth manyfold. Hence, many people look to purchase the best patio furniture for their comfortable places.

So today, let us focus on understanding the leading brands of patio furniture. We’ll cover the top and best ten patio furniture brands and understand their key offerings. We’ll also help you with a detailed guide to select the best brand. The quick tips for purchasing patio furniture can help make the right decision for your place.

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Patio furniture- An overview

It is easy to understand that the furniture used for gardens or patios comes under the category of patio furniture. However, many people look for brands to find good quality patio furniture for their places.

The common materials used in patio furniture include metals, wood, wicker/rattan, plastic/resin, and fabric. The common metals cover steel, iron, and wrought iron due to their high resistance and durability. Different weather-resistant woods like eucalyptus, cedar, and teak are used for patio furniture. Further, other woods can be used after treating them properly for the resistance to insects and moisture.

The patio furniture made up of wicker or rattan consists of synthetic materials mimicking the appearance of natural fibers. These are highly weather-resistant and lightweight at the same time. Another lightweight option for patio furniture is plastic or resin. It is resistant to weather damage and easy to clean. However, durability remains an issue for plastic or resin furniture.

The cushions and upholstery for the patio furniture consist of weather-resistant fabrics. It helps to withstand the exposure to moisture and sunlight, hence, imparting longevity to your furniture.

With that being said, are you in search of a leading brand offering different types of furniture for your patio? SUNSGOODS is your right partner as it is a professional B2B company that can suit your different furniture needs. It covers furniture wholesalers, dealers, furniture brands, interior design companies, and cross-border online furniture stores.

Top 10 best patio furniture brands

After having a quick overview of patio furniture, here you’re at a quick list of the top and best ten brands of patio furniture. It covers:

1.Brown Jordan

First on our list are the leading patio furniture manufacturers from the last 80 years. The business offers three types of furniture seating, tables, and accessories.

The long list of popular patio furniture designers covers Ann Marie Vering, Toan Nguyen, John Caldwell, Richard Frinier, Walter Lamb, Hall Bradley, Tadao Inouye, and Dan Johnson.

The popular materials used by the Brown Jordan team in the non-textile sector are frame finishes, vinyl lace straps, fiber, teak, ceramic, dekton, glass, acrylic, aluminum tops, vector tops, and fire media. The textile materials used by the business are suncloth fabric, versatex sling, flex sling, rope, suncloth strap, and suncloth lace.

Key highlights:

  • Exclusive luxury and all-weather patio furniture
  • Sharp and award-winning designs for quality and innovation
  • The showroom-only brand for the best touch-and-feel experience
patio furniture manufacturer


Devoko comes as the top-rated patio furniture brand for the modern population. It offers several patio furniture types like sectional sofas, conversation sets, dining sets, lounge chairs, umbrellas, canopies, and garden furniture.

The company offers different patio furniture collections like six pieces of outdoor sectional sofas, seven pieces of outdoor sectional sofas, and others. The 30-day return policy and one-year warranty protect the different customers from possible issues.

The new arrival and the clearance sales help in finding out the best international furniture according to your needs. High-quality furniture and services help customers to get the best products while keeping a focus on improving the lives of the customers.

Key highlights:

  • Affordable patio furniture in modern and fun styles
  • Range of seating furniture in different styles and sizes
  • High-quality material made up of wick and rattan
patio furniture manufacturer


Ask for a leading patio furniture company, and it is hard to miss the name of the Neighbor brand. The business offers a variety of patio furniture covering outdoor lounges, outdoor dining, rugs, accessories, and protective covers.

The company brings a range of sustainable furniture covering outdoor lounges, dining, and accessories. The 45-day trial period ensures that it is easy for new customers to unlock the potential of patio furniture.

The easy option of customization helps customers to select the required size, style, and color. No need to hire a professional when you can use the configurator to design the custom patio furniture.

Key highlights:

  • Free shipping on all orders and simple returns in case of any issues
  • Exclusive furniture made up of weather-resistant materials
  • Modern designs with sustainably harvested FSC certified Teak wood
patio furniture manufacturer


Moving ahead, next on our list of high-end patio furniture brands is the one with different collections like contemporary, traditional, and transitional. It is Castelle offering seating, tables, and accessories.

It is hard to miss the Gala, Lodge, Korda, Largo, Saxton, and Berkeley collections from the company. With a history of more than 40 years, the business has years of experience in creating handcrafted luxury furnishings.

The amazing product collection of the company varies from dining chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, fire pits, dining tables, and chaise lounges. The business has a dedicated team of furniture artisans and quality assurance experts.

Key highlights:

  • Artistic quality framework furniture with exclusive details
  • Highly customizable furniture and stylish designs
  • Long-lasting construction and dedicated warranty on every product
patio furniture manufacturer


It is a leading name in elevated home furniture and decor with an exquisite collection of outdoor furniture. Every furniture frame comes with a 10-year warranty among the top 37 collections. The top materials used by Frontgate in its patio furniture are wicker, aluminum, teak, and upholstered.

The different furniture types cover seating, outdoor, modular, chaise, and outdoor kitchen. The top finishes by the patio furniture range from black, ivory/ white, brown, gray, or blue. Some of the amazing furniture collections cover the Pasadena 2 collection, Isola Teak collection, Carlisle collection, and Atwood collection.

The vast collection of Frontgate patio furniture makes it a perfect solution for catering to different client needs. The range of the company’s patio furniture is set to make you feel in a luxurious place.

Key highlights:

  • Beautiful and exclusive designs for suiting outdoor spaces
  • Variety of styles to suit different decor and color palettes
  • Every furniture piece is created with the aim of good aesthetics, livability, and function
patio furniture manufacturer


Outer brings the benefits of the best-rated outdoor patio furniture for creating the outdoors of your dreams. It covers sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, fire pits, dining, chaise lounges, umbrellas, side tables, coffee tables, all-weather covers, throw pillows, and more.

The exclusive Outer stone collection ensures that you can quickly add stone designs to your patio. Every Outer collection aims to ensure that spending time outside is enjoyable and effortless. Some of the other exclusive collections are Outer Shell, Outer Weave, and Outer Cloud.

Thanks to innovative engineering, unparalleled quality, and thoughtful design, Outer is catering to different clients globally. Not to miss are the free design consultation, free fabric swatches, and accident protection for complete customer satisfaction.

Key highlights:

  • Purposely created patio furniture for different clients
  • Direct selling to customers with an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing
  • Amazing sofa made up of 30% recycled materials and is completely recyclable
patio furniture manufacturer

7.Harmonia Living

Your search for amazing and long-lasting modern indoor and outdoor furniture is best met by Harmonia Living. You can get the best patio furniture from the exclusive collection and the different patio furniture products.

The main products cover club chairs, loveseats, sofas, sectionals, occasional tables, ottomans, chaise lounges, hanging chairs, replacement cushions, furniture covers, and others.

The professional team of the business has around 15 years of experience in creating versatile furniture with unparalleled values. The outstanding services of the business make it easy for the customers to enhance their outdoors.

Key highlights:

  • Offers patio furniture with great materials with eye-catching designs
  • Brings a variety of fabrics in the fully-welded options
  • Comfortable and high-quality furniture that won’t fade due to environmental factors
patio furniture manufacturer


Next on our list is a leading commercial patio furniture manufacturer named Tropitone. It caters to commercial and residential furniture requirements. The company can deliver effective and efficient patio furniture for balcony spaces, gardens, VIP spaces, dining, bar, and poolside places.

The popular products of Tropitone cover chaise lounges, modular seating, and tables. Starting as a furniture supplier for resorts and hotels, Tropitone grew into delivering commercial-quality furniture to residential customers.

With the experience of nearly 70 years, the business is offering comfortable, stylish, and high-quality patio furniture. The professional team applies strict service and requirement standards for high levels of customer satisfaction.

Key highlights:

  • Helps to own resort-quality patio furniture for residential requirements
  • Stylish patio furniture made up of high-quality materials
  • Offers a variety of finishes, fabrics, segments, and vinyl finishes
patio furniture manufacturer


Ask for a patio furniture company with a different collection of patio furniture and Yardbird is your ready solution provider. The popular patio furniture collection covers Colby, Langdon, Eden, Winnie, Ludlow, Luna, Lily, Pepin, Waverly, Harriet, Elliot, and Addie.

The cleaning-up measures of the Yardbird extend to the use of ocean-bound plastics and recyclable packaging. The flexible design of patio furniture items helps in making the outdoors exclusive and better for you.

The strong returns and exchange policy further makes it easy for the different clients to get the best outdoor furniture. Not to miss the warranty details for protecting your interests.

Key highlights:

  • High-quality and beautiful patio furniture at an affordable price range
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable patio furniture with easy installation
  • Variety of outdoor furniture with a range of materials and associated accessories
patio furniture manufacturer

10.Sunset West

Last but not least, your search for the best places to buy patio furniture is incomplete without Sunset West. It brings an amazing collection made up of aluminum, resin wicker, rope, teak, and wrought iron. The color palette covers natural, sand, driftwood, stone, slate, frost, classic, cognac, and espresso.

Some of the top featured collections of Sunset West are Miami, Bazaar, and Redondo collections. All the raw materials of the company’s patio furniture are carefully sourced and selected from different corners of the world.

The typical rope and wicker furniture is hand-woven and the dedicated aluminium frames are polished by hand. The same levels of quality are followed for the cushions, fire tables, teak, wicker, and metal furniture.

Key highlights:

  • Offers award-winning collections by partnering with furniture designers
  • Every piece of the rope and wicker furniture is hand-woven
  • Famous for deep-seated designs and superb customer services
patio furniture manufacturer

How to select the best patio furniture brand?

The top ten patio furniture brands mentioned above can be your best partner for selecting patio furniture. There is no need to get confused when you go through a detailed guide to find out the best brand for your patio furniture.

Here is a quick guide for easing the selection process:

“Have you checked the online reviews of the patio furniture brand yet?”

Start by checking the online brand reviews before making a selection on the patio furniture. You can look at the reputed online review websites to find out the experience of the existing customers of the companies. Go for the brand that has the highest positive reviews for patio furniture items.

“What materials are used by the patio furniture company for making big and small furniture items?”

Go ahead to have a detailed understanding of the materials used in the manufacturing of the patio furniture. You may look for all-weather-resistant materials like teak, cedar, aluminum, or wicker/ resin. It will help you to get an idea about the resistance to outdoor elements and durability.

“Does the patio furniture brand you’re looking at have a good reputation?”

Brand reputation plays an important role when you’re selecting the right patio furniture company. It is important to go with the established brands rather than going with the ones entering the furniture markets recently. All you need to do is research the company’s background, history, and commitment to offering good furniture.

“Can you find a patio furniture brand that understands your design and aesthetics requirements?”

It is essential to select a brand that matches your aesthetics and style requirements in patio furniture. You can select the brand based on the eclectic, traditional, or modern designs that suit your preferences.

“Is the patio furniture resistant to different weather conditions?”

The patio furniture you’re selecting should be highly weather-resistant. It ensures the durability of the furniture and ensures that you’re making the right decision. You can look for water-resistant cushions, rust-proof hardware, and UV-resistant features.

“What are the warranty and customer service details of the patio furniture company?”

It is important to go for top-rated patio furniture manufacturers offering dedicated warranty and customer services. The warranty with your patio furniture protects you from unwanted charges if there are functional or construction issues with it. The dedicated customer services further help the businesses to handle the different customer issues effectively.

“Can the patio furniture company customize your furniture requirements?”

It is important to go for the furniture company offering customized patio furniture. You can select the color, fabric, and other details according to your needs. Go for the brand that improves the flexibility in customization according to your furniture needs.

“Does the patio furniture come with dedicated certification for quality?”

Always go for the patio furniture company offering the dedicated furniture certification. It will help you to find the right patio furniture agency offering quality certification to the different patio furniture products. The use of the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC council helps to find out if the wood furniture is made up of wood sourced with responsible sourcing practices.

“Are you ready to pay a physical visit to the retailers and showrooms?”

You must remain ready to pay a physical visit to the retailers and showrooms. It will help you to get a touch and feel of the comfortable patio furniture items and then go ahead to purchase them. The physical visit will help you to find the right patio furniture according to your needs.

“What is the value for money for the patio furniture?”

Last but not least, evaluate the value for money of the patio furniture. All you need to do is compare the patio furniture from different sources based on different points. You can then finalize one offering the maximum value for money.

Tips to find out the best patio furniture brands

Towards the end, it is great to have a quick checklist with you to search the best and top-rated patio furniture brands. So, the following is a quick list of the top tips:

It is important to understand the material quality of the patio furniture before making your decision. You can find out if the furniture has a UV-resistant finish to prevent damage and fading from environmental factors.

Some of the key materials to look for the patio furniture consist of stainless steel, aluminum, cedar, and teak. These materials are highly weather-resistant and durable.

Go for the patio furniture brands that have a good reputation in the market. It will help you to find the right patio furniture according to your needs.

It is a wise option for the patio furniture brand serving the same clients for years than to go for the one latest entering the markets. It will help you to buy the product from an established agency rather than getting stuck with a newcomer facility.

It is important to consider the style and design needs of your patio furniture. There are two options for you to go with the existing patio furniture products by the furniture manufacturer or customize it according to your immediate needs.

You can select from the different styles and design options offered by patio furniture manufacturers. Some may like to go for modern designs while others want to go with contemporary designs.

Paying a visit to the dedicated patio furniture retailer or showroom helps you decide on the specific brand. It is the best technique to get an idea about the different patio furniture pieces in detail.

You can get clear information about the quality and feel of the furniture before purchasing it by visiting the retailers or showrooms.

Moving ahead, you shouldn’t miss out on reading the different brand reviews while searching for the best patio furniture companies. Always go for the reputed websites showcasing genuine and original reviews.

These brand reviews will help you to get insights into the customer experiences with different brands. It helps in objective evaluations of patio furniture brands.

Never miss out on understanding the process of furniture construction adopted by the leading brands while selecting your required pieces. All you need to do is have a quick look at reinforced corners, welding points, and sturdy joints.

You must pay attention to the quality of craftsmanship, understand the details, and check if the finishes are smooth.

The warranty of the furniture brand manufacturer helps in understanding its efforts to serve the customers with the best products. So, you must go through the different warranty terms and conditions.

Further, research the customer support and return policies of the manufacturer. It helps to protect you with a hassle-free experience in events of any issue with furniture products.

Do not miss out on asking the recommendations from your family, colleagues, and friends. It is important to go for the people who’ve already purchased the patio furniture.

The personal experiences of your close ones can help you offer valuable insights.

You can select the popular patio furniture manufacturers offering certified furniture. It confirms that the specific furniture product is adhering to environmental sustainability and quality standards.

These certifications protect your furniture from environmental challenges.

Last but not least, it is important to compare the different prices of the same furniture type for different brands. All you need to do is shortlist at least two to three brands and then finalize one based on the affordability.

Summing Up

Hence, it is easy to make a deal for the best patio furniture for your place with the help of the quick guide mentioned above. No more fuss in finding the right furniture brand when you can go through the top ten best brands of patio furniture after a quick overview of these exquisite pieces.

You can easily conquer the confusion in the selection process for patio furniture brands by going through the key points mentioned above. A quick look at the tips for choosing the best patio furniture brand makes it all worth your place.


What are the best brands of patio furniture?

The best brands offering a variety of patio furniture covers Brown Jordan, Devoko, Neighbor, Castelle, Frontgate, Outer, Harmonia Living, Tropitone, Yardbird, and Sunset West

It is a good idea to buy your patio furniture from the leading brands to find the right product according to your requirements. Further, the range of available options along with customization methods help you to get the best furniture for your comfortable outdoors.

Yes, Brown Jordan is a good brand for making purchases of different types of patio furniture. It offers a variety of options to the potential buyers. The high-quality construction of their furniture with the use of high-end materials ensures that you’ve long-lasting furniture at your place.

Iron and wood are the strongest materials when it comes to creating good patio furniture by the leading brands. These materials are highly durable, resistant to different weather conditions, and come with little maintenance.

The price of patio furniture from brands depends on different factors. It covers the type of furniture, size, material cost, construction cost, and other additional costs. Further, you must check if the brand offers delivery and installation options at your location.

The patio furniture refers to the type of furniture designed for the outdoor spaces, gardens, or patios. It is made up of weather-resistant materials and is highly durable for long-term use.

The main purpose of the patio furniture is to bring the comfort of the indoors to your patio or deck. It is easy to create a small dining space with tables and chairs or a living place with some of the best chairs.

The different types of materials used to make patio furniture are metals, wood, wicker/rattan, plastic/resin, or fabric. Metals offer high levels of durability, wood offers different style options, and wicker/ rattan or plastic/ resin are lightweight options.

The life of your patio furniture depends on the type of materials used in its construction. Hence, you must focus on finding out if your patio furniture is made up of wood, metal, or other materials. Wood and iron furniture can last up to 25 years while light metals and wicker furniture have a life of around 15 years.

It is best to cover your patio furniture every night after use. It helps in increasing the working life of the furniture as it remains protected from different environmental factors like rain, winds, and other damages.

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