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Top 5 best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina for 2024

Top 5 Best Furniture Manufacturers in North Carolina for 2024: Where craftsmanship meets 2024 style! Click to furnish fabulously!

What is the first thing you look for when decorating your place or shifting to a new place? It is furniture. With the large useful yet stylish pieces of wood, steel, or other durable materials, any place is incomplete without elegant furniture. So, are you looking to find out the top and best furniture companies in North Carolina?

If yes, then stay with us as we help you find the best manufacturers for your customized furniture needs. We’ll help you understand the top options in the furniture manufacturers and go for the ideal company according to your needs in North Carolina.

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Furniture manufacturers in North Carolina- An overview

North Carolina needs no introduction when it comes to furniture manufacturing. Ideally called America’s Home Furnishings Capital, North Carolina brings the ideal conditions for any business to start furniture manufacturing in the region.

Whether it is the availability of transportation- railway, highway, or the availability of cheap labor, furniture makers in North Carolina bring the best furniture manufacturing solutions. The key element of the furniture- wood, is abundantly available in the hardwood areas of the region.

SUNSGOODS is one such prominent furniture design company with a recognized reputation for selling beds. The company has expertise in wholesalers, dealers, and selling big brand beds like iKEA, and Ashely. It is the first choice for the different B2B operations including online cross-border business.

Top five best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina for 2024

Here we’re at our well-researched and curated list of the top and best furniture manufacturers in North Carolina for 2024:

1.Ethan Allen

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Firstly, Ethan Allen is a top name when it comes to the North Carolina furniture manufacturers list. The company has a range of furniture for living, dining, bedroom, home office, and outdoor, along with lighting, rugs, flooring, and decor services.

The team has recently launched its build-your-own sectional option to the customers. It offers made-to-order services by the company’s craftsmen.

The company is named as the “Best Retailer in Premium Furniture” on the Newsweek and Statista “America’s Best Retailer” awards list.

2.Century Furniture

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Century Furniture is a popular North Carolina sofa manufacturer. The company offers several products with its range of new introductions and quick ship products. It is easy for the customers to select from the top fabrics, trims, and leathers available with the company.

Apart from different types of sofa, chairs, and other furniture, the company is into decor and lighting services. With more than 75 years of furniture manufacturing only, the company promises to bring customers close to their dreams of owning exquisite furniture.

Not to miss is the vast selection of more than 2,000 fabrics and 50+ finishes.

3.Stanley Furniture & Decor

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Moving ahead, in our research of the North Carolina sofa manufacturers, is Stanley Furniture & Decor. The company brings the best interior and exterior color and design tips for decorating your place.

The company offers a range of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) furniture ideas and helps them bring to life with its expert furniture craftsmen. The company has been in North Carolina for more than 90 years.

All you get are artisan finishes, superior quality furniture, and striking designs for your place.

4.Bassett Furniture

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Bassett brings fresh styles and fresh furniture design ideas for you. The recently luanched collection of Bassett covers courtland bed, colby sofa, benchmade motion, and dresden dining.

You can quickly go ahead with a personal appointment to give a personal approach to your next project. The company takes pride in offering the best harvested woods from the Appalachians with hard work of skilled artisans.

5.Lexington Home Brands

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Last but not least is the six brands furniture collection of Lexington Home Brands. These are Lexington, Tommy Bahama Home, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living, Artistica home, Barclay Butera, and Sligh office and media designs.

It is the leading furniture maker in North Carolina, offering high-quality 3D upholstery experience to the customers. All you need to do is select the ideal product from its online catalog and get it at your place.

Summing Thoughts

So, no more fuss in finding the best furniture companies in North Carolina. It is easy to go through the details of the top and best five manufacturers of elegant furniture in the region. You can go for any of these manufacturers according to your immediate furniture needs.

Any of the brands mentioned above will be a great choice for your elegant furniture requirements in North Carolina.


Who are the top 5 furniture manufacturers?

The top five furniture manufacturers in North Carolina are Ethan Allen, Century Furniture, Stanley Furniture & Decor, Bassett Furniture, and Lexington Home Brands.

How many furniture factories are in North Carolina?

There are several furniture companies in North Carolina. The robust furniture industry of the region has around 3000 companies and employs around 34,000 employees throughout the region.

Why is a lot of furniture made in North Carolina?

A lot of furniture is made in North Carolina due to its abundance of wood supply from hardwood forests and the cheap labor. The above-average transportation facilities make North Carolina a furniture hub.

Where is the most furniture made in North Carolina?

Most of the furniture in North Carolina is made in High Point. There are around 100 furniture stores and outlets in High Point and its surrounding areas. It is ideally called America’s Home Furnishings Capital.

Why is furniture manufacturing a leading industry in North Carolina?

Furniture manufacturing is a leading industry in North Carolina due to the abundant wood supply from different hardwood forests. Further, there is availability of cheap labor and above-average railway and highway transportation.

Is it worth buying furniture in North Carolina?

Yes, it is worth buying furniture in North Carolina as it is largely handmade and created by skilled craftsmen and women. The passionate furniture makers take the time to make every piece properly using high-quality materials only.

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