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What Patio Furniture Can I Leave Outside in Winter?

Brave the chill: Discover patio pieces that laugh in the face of winter!

Do you have an outdoor living space?

If yes then you’re one of the lucky people enjoying the benefits of outdoor living at your current location only. It gives you the golden opportunity to enjoy your weekends with your family and friends outdoors while staying at your current location only.

However, when it comes to the harsh winters, you may get confused in finding out if your outdoor furniture sofa sets can be left outside or not. Apart from sofa sets, you may worry about tables and other furniture.

So today, let us help you with our detailed take on the patio furniture. We’ll help you to find out which patio furniture can be left outside even in the winter.

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Patio furniture- An overview

It is the specialized furniture designed for keeping outside on the patio, porches, deck, or other places. The patio furniture can be made up of different types of materials while offering style and comfort to the outdoor living.

The outdoor furniture sofa sets range from tables, benches, accessories, chairs, lounges, and umbrellas. It is easy to customize the furniture based on your style and design requirements. Many businesses offer crafted furniture when it comes to patio furniture.

Can you leave patio furniture outside in winter?

It is important to go for patio furniture that can be left outside in winter for many people. The bulkiness of the furniture along with other common factors make it necessary to go for furniture that can withstand different weather types easily.

You can go ahead with the patio furniture for winter based on the following key points:

Start by looking for the quality of the furniture by paying attention to the manufacturing process. It will help you to determine the quality of the patio furniture as you can go ahead with the brand having a history of building premium furniture.

One such brand is SUNSGOODS. It is a leading B2B company offering furniture wholesalers and dealers, furniture brands, interior design companies, and cross-border online furniture stores.

The discussion of whether your patio furniture can be left outside or not depends on the material of the frame. The frames made up of iron get rusted easily and hence it is important to protect them.

The frames made up of aluminum are best as it is a highly lightweight material while the one made up of wick is all-weather furniture. It works best for wick furniture. You can get different frame options when looking for outdoor sofas on clearance.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Types of patio furniture

Based on the different materials of patio furniture, here are the key choices:

The best wood for the patio furniture is the Teak. It is highly resistant to insect infestation, mildew, mold, and rot. The first-grade Teak ensures that the furniture can be used in all seasons.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

The patio furniture can be made up of resin wicker, all-weather wicker, and synthetic wicker. The real material used in wicker furniture is polyethylene which looks like rattan and comes with increased strength and durability. Have you checked this amazing wicker furniture yet?

Patio Furniture manufacturer

This furniture form consists of aluminum or stainless steel. It ensures that even the most difficult designs are achieved perfectly while the furniture remains lightweight only. It is the perfect material for outdoor sofas and loveseats.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

The furniture made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ensures withstanding the different weather conditions. It is one of the most durable and low-maintenance materials.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Factors to consider while selecting the patio furniture to leave outside

After understanding the different types of patio furniture and their care in winter, are you confused about selecting the right type of material for your patio furniture?

SOFAWAYS promises to be your first choice when it comes to custom sofas and furniture manufacturers for different places. The company brings wide custom options for your unique sofa requirements.

If yes, then all you need to do is consider the following factors while selecting the patio furniture to leave outside:

It is hard to imagine any outdoor sofa with no cushions. So, the best solution is to select a furniture cushion which you can leave outside in different weather.

The cushions made up of reticulated foam work best for repelling bacteria and fungi. Further, it eliminates the accumulation of moisture from the cushion. Further, you can search for the best furniture for your patio from the top sofa manufacturers.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Have you ever thought about going for plastic furniture for outside patio furniture? If yes, then it may be a good thought as these pieces actively withstand the different weather conditions.

Leaving plastic furniture in winter may require proper cover and maintenance as it may freeze and crack due to extreme conditions.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Some of the perfectly crafted and carefully selected wooden furniture can stay on your patio in all the seasons. You can go for the patio furniture made up of Teak offering all-time weather resistance.

Apart from Teak, the patio furniture made up of Oak and Mahogany works best if you’re looking for wooden furniture only.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

The patio furniture made up of wick requires strict material considerations. It is important to go for wicker furniture made up of polyethylene which is highly resistant to moisture.

Hence, it becomes easy to keep an outdoor wicker sofa set in winter. Also, go for the items that have a weather-resistant frame to prevent any possible winter damage.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Aluminum is one of the best materials for your patio furniture. The metal chairs for the outside can withstand corrosion and other possible weather damages when properly galvanized and painted.

It is a low-maintenance material for furniture and hence can withstand the winters with the least requirements. Not to miss is the different options in the aluminum furniture design making it a must-to-have for your lovely patio.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Going for concrete can be another great option for your modern patio furniture. It is one of the strongest materials and can be left confidently outside without any damage. The concrete furniture is resistant to scratching, cracking, chipping, and other winter issues when compared to outdoor iron sofas.

The high-quality concrete furniture is all-weather resistant, has a smooth finish, prevents marks or stains, and has a soft texture. Hence, the concrete tables can withstand the harshest weather on your patio with minimal maintenance.

It is easy to retain the original quality of the concrete furniture by applying wax twice a year. If the winters are getting wetter, the best solution is to go for the protective layer as it protects the porous nature of the concrete furniture.

Patio Furniture manufacturer

Parting words

So, no more worries when it comes to leaving your patio furniture outside in winter. All you need to do is carefully go through the quick write-up and decide which furniture can be left outside and which not.

A quick look reveals that an all weather outdoor sofa is an exquisite item for your comfortable den. It is easy to understand which type of patio furniture you can leave outside and which one requires proper care. Not to miss are the key factors to consider for different furniture types before deciding on the future of your patio furniture in the upcoming winters.


Can you leave outdoor furniture out all year?

Yes, it is easy to leave your outdoor furniture out all year if it is made up of first-grade material. Further, it should be made with proper technique and all-weather hardware.

The garden furniture made up of teak, concrete, plastic, and aluminum materials is ideal to be left out in winter. Materials like wicker, steel, and iron should not be left outside in the winter as these get damaged by the cold and wet weather.

The garden furniture that you can leave outside is made up of high-quality materials like teak, concrete, plastic, and aluminum materials. Further, you can store or cover the furniture during extreme weather to prolong its appearance and lifelong.

The best outdoor furniture that holds up to weather is different furniture made up of the Teak. It has exceptional capabilities to withstand temperature changes, sun, and rain. The secret is the natural oils protecting Teak furniture from the damaging elements.

Yes, you can leave your Adirondack chairs outside in winter if you can properly clean and cover them. If you can’t store these chairs properly, then the best solution is to store them during the winter.

Yes, you can leave your Teak furniture outside in winter. The properties of the Teak allow the furniture to withstand the harshest weather conditions like winters.

You should cover your patio furniture in winter to strengthen its color and durability. You may not sit outside in winter and hence it is best to cover it during the winter hibernation time.

The patio furniture made up of steel will rust in winter. So, all the wicker furniture must be covered, stored, and kept inside during the winter to protect it from different types of damage.

It is ok to leave your patio furniture uncovered if it is made up of materials that can withstand different weather conditions. However, covering your furniture helps in ensuring that it remains protected from common weather challenges.

The working time of your patio furniture depends on the material of the furniture. The furniture made up of aluminum or wick lasts for around 15 years while the one made up of wrought iron and teak wood lasts for over 25 years.

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